Zara, Mango, H&M & Massimo Dutti shop with me this Autumn 2019. A little shopping haul with all my new in favourite outfit ideas in store. All outfits are linked below.

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As you can tell, I’ve now pretty much tried every Camel Coat in existence!! But I’ve finally narrowed it down to my favourite 3:)

Any help deciding would be greatly appreciated! So it’s either this one from The Curated:
The Mango version or Massimo Dutti?

Full disclaimer, I actually didn’t buy a single thing that day!! But not through lack of wanting:/ I was lugging round this giant suitcase and just couldn’t face carrying anything else! But I did buy the slacks and brown blazer online at home:)

I hope you like everything I found and it gives you a little inspiration for the season ahead. All the best, Jess x

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Outfit ideas

Zara- Autumn Fall Collection 2019
Brown Blazer:
Brown flared suit trousers:
Sequin Mini Dress:
Soft pink coat:
Shoulder puff blouse:
Khaki Trench coat:
Oversized brown cardigan:

Mango- New in Store
Leopard blouse & Red dress: Sorry I can’t seem to find these online anywhere:(

Camel Coat:

Cashmere Jumper:

White Cardigan:

White hooded coat:

Mini Skirt:

Brown round neck sweater:

Cigarette Trousers, sold out in brown I think now but they do have more colours:

Fine knit jumper:

Faux leather trousers:

Wool blend coat:

Massimo Dutti
Belted Winter coat:
Beautiful blouse:
Cashmere blend coat:
Dark camel blazer:

J.Crew gorgeous slingback shoes
I love the sparkly version too:)

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  1. Hi Jess,

    Thank you so much. I loved the Mango coat and the first MD coat.

    I also loved the H&M coat with sweater and the faux leather pants on you. Sexy yet classy! You can do it 😘

  2. Cashmere Massimo Duti. Probably cost an arm and a leg, but its an investment for years. And, a similar coat by Max Mara is 5 times more expensive. That coat looked beyond amazing. I say get it.. 😘

  3. Just found your channel and I'm already in love. Your style, the way you talk so calm and precise with your info, you explain everything well without it being too much and, I'm not sure whether this might sound odd, but I find it very relaxing. subscribed!

  4. I love the quality and price of Massimo Dutti too and would love to see a haul from them. Their stuff can sometime look a bit matronly on me (a fifty-something year old woman) so I’d love to see how you’d style their clothes to look less matronly and more on trend. Love your work x

  5. Hello, I'm glad that I've found your channel in YouTube. I'm from Russia and I wanted to find cool blogger outside my country in order to get new inspiration. And I'm over the moon that I totally understand your English 🙂 Thanks a lot for the interesting review. My vote for the first MD coat.

  6. Can I go shopping with you? You’re just a 7 hour flight away!! 🤣 Trying to catch up, not sure if you purchased a camel coat yet? They’re all great. I do love the pockets on The Curated version, looks fun and modern. The super long length of the last coat you showed us looked very Victoria Beckham to me (♥️), although that could get quite dirty in bad weather (I made that mistake once with an ivory colored wool coat), but I fell in LOVE with that blush colored coat! Can you buy two⁉️😍

  7. I love yout style , it is classic and you'd look great in anything!!! I have to say after having been out in the town yesterday everything and almost everyone is a sea of tan and camel which makes me want to grab my old Boden winter coat in Blue!!! I love those H&M trousers and saw them in the shops today but didn't have time to try them on. Thank you for introducing me to Massimo Dutti!!!! I love their cullottes and coats!!! oxoxo P.S I am 5'ft 7 and a size 12, may I ask what height and size you are as your figure is amazing!!!!

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