Your fatwa does not apply here | Karima Bennoune | TEDxExeter

Your fatwa does not apply here | Karima Bennoune | TEDxExeter

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. One day, Karima Bennoune found herself wondering whether she could protect her father with a paring knife. She tells the stories of individual Muslims struggling against fundamentalism and terrorism.

Karima Bennoune is a professor of international law at the University of California–Davis School of Law. She grew up in Algeria and the United States and now lives in northern California.

She has published widely in many leading academic journals, as well as in the Guardian, The New York Times, Comment is Free, the website of Al Jazeera English, The Nation. The topic of her most recent publication ‘Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here’ is a very personal one for her. Her father Mahfoud Bennoune was an outspoken professor at the University of Algiers, and faced death threats during the 1990s, but continued speaking out against fundamentalism and terrorism. In writing this book, Karima set out to meet people who are today doing what her father did back then, to try to garner for them greater international support than Algerian democrats received during the 1990s.

She has served as a member of the Executive Council of the American Society of International Law and on the board of directors of Amnesty International USA. Currently, she sits on the Board of the Network of Women Living Under Muslim Laws. She has also been a consultant on human rights issues for the International Council on Human Rights Policy, the Soros Foundation, the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers, and for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Her human rights field missions have included Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Fiji, Lebanon, Pakistan, South Korea, southern Thailand, and Tunisia.

She traveled to Algeria in February 2011 to serve as an observer at pro-democracy protests with the support of the Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights, writing a series of articles about these events for the Guardian. In October 2011, she volunteered as an election observer during the Tunisian constituent assembly elections with Gender Concerns International.

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42 thoughts on “Your fatwa does not apply here | Karima Bennoune | TEDxExeter”

  1. My experience in the study of Islam for some six years now, is that the more pious a muslim becomes in the understanding of the Quran, the more "radical" they become. The slide that this woman used to demonstrate the violation of human rights by fundamentalists is not a radical belief that we need to be concerned with, but the teachings of the Quran itself. As long as these actions are taught as a requirement to be a good muslim in their most holy book, there will be no conversion of the radical muslim. This is an islam problem, not a fundamentalist issue.

  2. I'm sorry, but like so many well-meaning & articulate people (in the West), you are still an apologist of the 'religion you love', & put the blame on extrinsic factors. Just look at the man & the book & you will see that the rottenness is at the core!

  3. Good Muslims or radical muslims will not matter after a time period as good muslims are not doing enough to curtail the extremists and this will lead to other forces stepping in and doing what is needed. There will be a collateral damage and good or bad won’t make any difference. She says on one hand about the struggles of her father and so many other people but disagrees to accept that there is a fundamental problem in Islam, gosh !! I mean how can you say that even after so many examples ? We must accept the reality and call a spade a spade !!

  4. Maybe there are still many followers of the Koran that would think it was terrorism and crazy if Donald Trump has publicly said kill those who have never voted the most merciful Donald Trump but maybe there are still many followers of the Koran that would think it was not terrorism and not crazy for many followers of the Koran to always agree totally about the chapter ninth verse fifth of the Koran and chapter ninth verse sixth of the Koran that have been publicly written about an order to kill any polytheist who has believed that there is more than one god or many gods except for those who do not know but maybe any logician would logically think that all people was not meant to be born in order to be punished or punisher because people would never do any wrong thinking or any wrong saying or any wrong doing as long as people still know that wrong is wrong so that is why there is no death penalty in Norway and Portugal including many other countries and drug is not crime in Portugal.

  5. why where ever we went there is a woman who is talking about Islam and I couldn't understand if she is protecting our Religion or she is lying to us we are fundamentalist and we only follow one book called the Holy Quraan, we Muslims are only one and no matter how those almost no knowledge of Islam is talking about our Religion Islam which they couldn't found no Religion better then Islam and the biggest reason that we Muslims are dealing with those explorations of terrorism is that non-Muslims

  6. This has me wishing she’d address these issues and the need of greater attention together with what is happening in the areas for which this current rendition can be seen as a push your own “smaller” issues aside and join me on my purpose……… I want to believe this presenter is capable of compassion for greater humanity and its needs and issues of struggle as well.

  7. Coming from a secular liberal fundamentalist, it is not surprising that her definition of Fundamentalisms (at 5:10) is flawed and agenda driven, as it makes reference to religions only. However we can see that there exist non-religious fundamentalism as well, like the animals rights campaign groups, or secular fundamentalists like Macron, who used the apparatus of the French state to oppress Muslims.

  8. Hmmmm not so sure .. if there is a strong moderate majority, why do minority religions disappear from Islamic countries……..should look up statistics on % of Christians and Jews in Islamic countries – those numbers are vanishing pretty fast – with a deliberate program of extermination of minorities. Ironically, minorities only get protection when you have a dictator like Saddam in place that keeps the fundamentalists at bay…….

  9. Ironic that Muslims are targeted by terrorist in name of Islam ….ok now I get it…. atleast other extremist groups in religion are better than extremist in Muslims 🙄

  10. Islam is not the bad religion, its a small minority in it. I appreciate her speech but not all muslims are like that. I think we should stand for any human being. There are muslims, Christian, jews and many other people being attacked. We should tackle this as a problem not a small bit of it.

  11. It amazes me how the same muslims that are tormented by murders flee their countries, then continue to experience attacks in their new homes by racists.
    Most of us muslims go to work from 9 to 5, go home to our families, turn on the TV, have dinner, go to the toilet, then bed.
    We have a religious text, that is interpreted in 1.5 billion ways, the majority probably don't bother reading that book much, and the ones that carefully study that book, use it to find personal spirituality, not as a manual for their political agenda.
    Obviously none of this is news headline worthy, a good plot for a blockbuster movie, or a juicy plot for a great conspiracy/politics.

  12. in North Africa, among the Berbers (Imazighen, correctly spoken), in the Levant, among the Kurds, the idea of ​​nationalism and the fear of Arabization or Turkification spread, some inclined to secularism or atheism, putting the equal sign between Arabs, Turks and Muslims , as a foreign religion. . Even Persian intellectuals (but more intimate or, if necessary, living abroad) try to return to Zoroastrianism or Nestorian Christianity in response to the Arabization of the past. The Persians had an ancient, rich culture and were never reconciled to Islamic conquest. Persia's transition to Shiite Islam was the result of Shah Ishmail I's rivalry against the Ottomans. As the successor of Hassan Ozun, the leader of Aq Qoyunlu and the emperors of Trebizond, antipathy to the Ottomans was twofold and as war between Muslims (as in the case of rivalry between Orthodox and Catholic Christians) did not allow it, the transition to Shiism left him with no choice. to wage 'fair' wars. So everyone today who "defends the religion of their ancestors" should know that the risk of slavery, the advantage of alliances or simply the saving of life was far more important than faith in the "true god." This is the case with regard to the "other true religion" – Christianity.
    And when you think that, in many cases, the ancestors of these fundamentalists fought until their death to defend their 'pagan' religion and their descendants are fighting hard to destroy anything other than their religion. I guess their ancestors never thought they were fighting the "true god" and that none of them were like Tolkien's orcs, or the "whitewalkers," or the monstrous insects of the Star Trooper.

  13. Islam and Democracy are inversely proportional So just forget maam. A country can democratic only when it is not islamic country

  14. Screw the extremists who distort the reputation of Islam and do horrible acts that Islam rejects and claim to be Muslims. I pray to God to punish them in this world and the hereafter.

  15. What kind of a god prescribes for men to beat women in Sura 4:34? (Sura 4:34 Sahih International): strike them. (Sura 4:34 Pickthall): scourge them. (Sura 4:34 Yusuf Ali): beat them. (Sura 4:34 Shakir): beat them. (Sura 4:34 Muhammad Sarwar): beat them. (Sura 4:34 Mohsin Khan): beat them. (Sura 4:34 Arberry): beat them.

  16. The main aim of these group are Political Power Struggle.
    ° They hate Europe 🌍 bcz Past / experience of Barbarian inhuman and brutal rule of European colonies.
    ° Presently European world mainly interfere in all the internal Socio-political issues of these countries and impose there culture Customs and Law's on these people which is unacceptable to Nationalist people and they start Arm struggle.
    ° European/ Western World must understand that the rest of world have equal right to promote their culture Customs and Law's .
    ° Hypocrisy of Europe 🌍:-
    Freedom of Choice/ Expression, their main concern is not freedom of expression they want to colonize world Socio & Economically.
    They ban other Cultures/ Custom in the countries and want to impose European culture in all over world.
    Force to wear Head cover is "NOT OK"
    Force to not not wear Head cover is"OK "
    So Wear is Freedom of Choice.
    • Europe has a history of Brutality and Barbarian, they Colonized world 🌍 They are just responsible for World wars 1st/2nd. They invaded many countries for their own Geo political interest.

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