Xia Junsu "Tarantallegra"

Xia Junsu “Tarantallegra”

We talk about Xia Junsu’s “Tarantallegra” for this week’s Kpop Music Monday and fansqueal over the Harry Potter reference. NERDGASM!

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44 thoughts on “Xia Junsu “Tarantallegra””

  1. i may be wrong because i dont know much about Junsu/ Xia, but im pretty sure it is pronounced "shee-ah" because in korean, it's spelled "시아" and that's how you would say that. if it's any relevance also, i think that's how you pronounce X's in chinese (as a "sh" sound) because that's how i was taught to pronounce them when i was learning chinese. hope that kind of helps..haha

  2. Silver Parachutes: What? That's an odd reference….

    Two minutes later: Oh my God, the parachutes? No! Why did you have to bring up the horror? :'(

    Who says I'm slow?

  3. My vote is for Xia's dance. It was clearly superior in every way. No disrespect to Rain, but Rainism's choreography was strictly minor-league compared to the intricacy of Tarantallegra.

  4. I would eat Junsu like the cup of ice cream I'm eat!! I love how sexy he is!!! But I was a bit turned off by how thin he was in this! I love how thick he was back in Mirotic days! Hell, I'd even take him in his sexy man apron in Ayy Girl, Can I Get you a drink! LOL My point being, fatten back to his original grace, damnit!!!! I love Junsu! Just beam his banned sexiness directly into my head and I'll be fine! LOL 

  5. i love Tarantallegra!!!! is wonderfull!
    you talk about Tarantallegra and sound Intoxication lol xDDDDD make me laught so much with this xxDDDD
    the Junsu's english is the most terrible around the world!!!!! really!!  but i love it <3

  6. I forgot how to spell this song so much to the point where google had zero idea what I was trying to write, buuuuut I remembered that this video existed! 😀 You guys saved meeeee~ (thanks for not smushing the music monday vids over to the archive channel!)

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