Words Americans Pronounce Wrong! | American vs British!

Words Americans Pronounce Wrong! | American vs British!

We’ve done a couple of these videos and you guys seem to love them, so here’s another one. One of them was especially funny to us!! We’d never heard it said that way before!!

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Hello! We are Joel & Lia. We post videos every week, all about British culture, British accents and the English language! We live in London and love sharing our top travel tips in the UK and abroad. As well as being best friends we share a passion for language, different accents and all things British. With past and future trips to the USA, lots of our content is American vs British.

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25 thoughts on “Words Americans Pronounce Wrong! | American vs British!”

  1. the biggest mistake the british commit: not founding an english regulator like lots of languages has done. it would help to not normalize/legalize american english horrors, I mean mistakes.

  2. If you want comedy, send a Brit in to a American Drug Store and have them ask and employee there for a Rubber. What they think they will get vs. what they really get:-)

  3. Biscuit and scone are not the same. We have scones in some US coffee shops, they are generally sweet made bits with fruit or dried fruit. What we call scones you may call “rock cakes”.
    Biscuits are just a small quick bread. Light, crumbly , savory and used as a side to a meal or as a breakfast topped with sausage gravy.

  4. It's Saran Wrap which, like Kleenex, is a brand name that has been adopted as the word for plastic wrap such as Kleenex is used instead of calling them tissues, Q-Tips instead of cotton swabs, etc, etc. Sad thing is that so many have only heard things called by their brand name instead of their actual product name that you can go into a store and ask "where do I find the sandwich bags" and they wont have a clue but it you ask to find the Ziplocs they will point you right to them.

  5. I am living with an Englishman. You say your just joking. But our cultures are different. what you think is humorous, we find mean, rude, and offensive. Why can't Brits just get that. Your humour is hurtful to us. But many Brits don't care. They just want us to come around to their way. I am ingrained in this culture. I feel emotionally abused by my boyfriend.

  6. Saran is a brand name of one of the earlier versions of cling wrap, so we called it Saran wrap and just carried on calling all of it Saran wrap, very much like when Kleenex came out with tissues, we called.it kleenex, so now that's what we call all tissues now.

  7. Oh, don't even get me started on British pronunciation inconsistencies when it comes to vowels. If there's a vowel with one consonant after it, followed by another vowel, it should be a long vowel sound. so why do you pronounce "scones" as "scons"? Like "I was walking through the park one day and tripped on a large ston and stubbed my toe so hard it felt like a broke a toe bon, but what made it worse is, in the process, I dropped my ice-cream con." Make it make sense, Britain! Make it make sense! Alright, that's enough roasting you lot. I promise, I'm don. 😏

  8. Okay… So… The only thing I disagree with is puma… Why? A puma is a large predatory cat mostly known as a mountain lion or a cougar. And how many of these animals that you have in 🇬🇧? In other words, we say I this we want! 😜

  9. (11:46) Aluminum (U.S.) vs. Aluminium (U.K.): it's also spelled differently, so I wouldn't count that one.

    (12:13) As for Saran Wrap, it is a brand name that became synonymous with the product, like Kleenex for facial tissues, Q-Tips for cotton swabs, Velcro for hook-and-loop fasteners, or (in parts of the American South) Coke for soda pop.

  10. Love the shirt Lea… from Colorado. I used to teach advanced level students about language and dialect differences. My common joke was that American English is more correct because there are 330 million of us, and only 66 million of you. We win. Anyway, I love watching your videos. Thank you.

  11. Well I guess if you can make bank by your stupid dantering your flavor of discrimination against Americans then I say the world is hate. . If an American said those very uneducated comments about England you guys would cry out loud. So do you realize you're saying that like 360 million people are all like we have a very big country and it depends on where you're from not just a little place like England. If you have complaints about America why don't you visit and then tell us. Remember 1776 we'll sing your ass packing again just like we did before

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