Woman killed in front of her child was trying to end things with man who shot her, family says

Woman killed in front of her child was trying to end things with man who shot her, family says

Woman killed in front of 8-year-old daughter was trying to end things with man who shot her, family says

Kenia Osorio, 32, was shot in front of her 8-year-old daughter while they were parked outside the hospital near Katy. The shooter, who’s name hasn’t been released, then took his own life.

The victim’s brother said Osoria and the children’s father were divorcing but had recently decided to reconcile. Rivera said the man his sister had been dating was angry and jealous and they believe that’s why he shot her.

FULL STORY: https://www.khou.com/article/news/crime/tch-murder-suicide-mother-child/285-dbc1ab09-1330-4a78-8ff2-0b51248fc322


41 thoughts on “Woman killed in front of her child was trying to end things with man who shot her, family says”

  1. I feel bad for that little girl. She’s the victim in this situation because she didn’t deserve any of this. If you’re leaving a spouse, make sure it’s final. Don’t try to play two people at the same time because it could go left

  2. Sad story, no excuse for this, but women nowadays play with hearts for personal validation, ego, confidence booster etc, men as well we’re not innocent either, but with women it’s more common because of the amount of attention pretty girls get online, for every 1 date a guy gets, she’s been on 20, this stupid hookup culture usually leads to a sad ending like in this case, prayers for that family! What an uffing mess!

  3. To the guys out there that cannot get over a break up.

    1. Do not go to her job or follow her.
    2. Do not call or text her
    3. Do not go to her home.
    4. Buy a video game; specifically RPG. I recommend Skyrim or the Witcher 3. Escape from reality a bit.
    5. Go have a beer or coffee with a buddy to talk about it.

    You will find love again. You don’t believe me now, but it will happen.

  4. Damn she was being a cheater and tryna play both sides. Never okay to murder someone but don’t treat humans so expendable there unpredictable and do rash things such a sad story

  5. Anyone who claims to be a Christian or who claims to believe the Bible should realize that these worldly holidays between October and December ( Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas ) are all based on lies and do not really bring honor to Almighty God or his Son Christ Jesus. No good will ever come from getting involved in them.

  6. Wow😬😬😬 who told her to be cheating on her husband like that even if he did it to her that’s not ladylike. What type of example was she trying to set for her daughter?????
    Now I can really say she put herself in that predicament! Can’t really for sorry for an adulterous woman!

  7. With all the emotional hell the government is deliberatly causing an media going along with it 24/7. Plus future is so TRULLY grim with no jobs , food an gloom actually forming daily right in front of us…gov. wanting to take our freedom itS a ..night mare. People can take so much. We wouldn't be having this 3 years go. People are feeling litterly hopless we have weak no b….. rep that are going along WITH thIs Plus woke military . WE SEE it we understand ccp .. what the hell .Prayers for everyone who are depressed,feel alone an scared.. BELIEVE ME YOUR NOT ALONE.. GOD WANTS YOU TO REACH OUT. AS SILLY OR CRAZY TO SOME.. ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU WILL REACH A POINT…YOU DO HAVE A OPTION. PROMISE. YOU WILL KNOW. We need to stand together like family.. stop fighting…

  8. These comments are terrible and a perfect example of why we see innocent women being murdered by their boyfriends/husbands/dates etc. everyday. May God bless her family and that child.

  9. The lack of empathy from men in comments as usual is why girls stay single these days. Not a million dudes lives were even close to the worth of hers. I hope he gets it really bad and never sees the light of day. RIP to her beautiful soul.

  10. It all comes down to this woman being a 304 and cheating on her husband. These woman just keep trying to find the next best thing even when married. That’s the f*** up part with our country.

  11. Women you have to understand… Once you give us the cuddy .. it's ours until we done with it.. you become our personal bang slab.. you can't just take it away and give it to someone else with out our consent. The audacity of some of you heifers n jezebels!!!!!! This woman was held accountable for her actions. I done witness dudes get shot holding they baby so the victim being shot in front of her kid doesn't move me. The mother should of never played with that man who shot her emotions. 🥺🙅🏾‍♂️⚰️😭😈

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