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Will a Guy Want You More If Other Guys Want You? Discover the Truth About All This Right Here

Understanding men is one of the hardest things a woman has to do. Not only can they frustrate and confuse a woman because of their attitudes and strange behavior at times, but they can be so close mouthed that it seems impossible to read their minds. However, most men have certain traits and characteristics that are typical. Here are some tips that will help you know how they think and feel.

Your popularity will increase your attraction
If a guys notices that you are the center of attraction and are wanted by other men, it automatically makes him want you. In fact, every guy will secretly harbor a desire to have you. All you have to do is be the cynosure of all eyes around and you will get him to want you.

If other guys desire you it proves your sexuality
The very fact that other guys want you, proves your sexuality to men. They will start to be aware of your charms and sex appeal. The more you flaunt your beauty the more they will want to know you. It is important to have an exciting personality as well. You want the guys to have a high opinion of you.

Guys want to be the victor!
If a girl is wanted by all the guys she becomes a “prize” to be won. The more they try to win her affections, the more interesting and attractive she becomes. A guy will want to be the one who wins her heart. He will want to emerge as the victor and show her off once he is successful in winning her.

Guys always want what they cannot have
The more unattainable and unconquerable you seem, despite all the attention you get from the opposite sex, the more desirable you will become. Guys always want what seems unavailable. If you prove to be “out of reach” they will strive to get you.

Guys rate a woman’s sexual appeal by the number of admirers she has
The more the number of admirers around a girl, the more desirable she will seem. Men will be attracted to her like bees around honey! The moment she loses her fan following for some reason or the other, she will also lose her attraction and the guy might lose interest in her.

Guys always want to prove a point
The fact that you are so popular and friendly with other guys will make a guy want to see what it is that other guys like so much! He automatically becomes curious and wants to know her better. This proves that the more you are chased and pursued by others, the more tempting you become.

The more guys you have around you – the more irresistible you will be
A sure sign that you are irresistible is when you can draw the guys to you as moths to a candle flame. You become someone who is interesting, exciting and alluring. Men will rate your attraction by the amount of followers you have.

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