Wicked Weasel Lingerie Try On Haul Video With Sexy Jemma

Wicked Weasel Lingerie Try On Haul Video With Sexy Jemma

Wicked Weasel’s sexy duo – Phoebe and Jemma are here again! All the sexy looks from this video are here: http://go.wickedweasel.com/lingeriehaul_

This time, they’re doing a Wicked Weasel Lingerie Try On Haul! Fun & playful… And definitely, sultry as ever.

Watch as Jemma shows off some of the most popular Wicked Weasel Lingerie… The Venus, Eden and Sirena Pack (so popular it sold out already!).

Fall in love with the beautiful lace and killer fabrics from some of our newest and most popular collections.

Hear it straight from Phoebe and Jemma why they just love lingerie! PLUS tips on when and where you can wear your Wicked Weasel Lingerie. Hint: It’s all about the confidence, ladies! 😉

(You can find Phoebe and Jemma both on Instagram here: @phebalus & @jemma.dalitz — make sure ya follow these stellar gals!)

Up for some Wicked Weasel Lingerie Try On Haul yourself? We listed below all the amazing lingerie featured so you can steal all the looks from this video. So exciting! Make sure to tag us if you do your own lingerie try on haul so we can watch yours.

And if you have some suggestions, requests or feedback – feel free to drop them in the comments section below. We love hearing from you!

‘Til the next video. xo

Venus Lingerie:

Modal Tie-Up Top:

The Sirena Pack, consisting of the 686 Micro Thong, 671 Panties & 678 Panties, has been so popular it sold out already.

Fortunately, you can still check out other equally sexy panties here:

(Wicked tip: Always keep an eye out on our Official Wicked Weasel website so you won’t miss out next time!)


Eden Lingerie:

Venus Bodysuit:

Jemma wears X-Small.

Height: 5’4/167
Bust: 32.5/82.5
Waist: 24/61
Hips: 35/89 (in/cm)



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  1. It is so sad to see that we, as women, are being programmed to think dressing like a prostitute is empowering somehow 😭! The reality is that no amount of attention or likes are ever going to truly fulfill you. What this world has to offer can only leave us feeling depressed and miserable. Only a relationship with our Creator is meant to fill the void in our heart <3.

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