Why was India split into two countries? - Haimanti Roy

Why was India split into two countries? – Haimanti Roy

Dig into the 1947 Partition of India, when Britain split the region into two states, India and Pakistan, and the mass migrations and violence that followed.

In 1947, the British viceroy announced that after 200 years of British rule, India would gain independence and be partitioned into Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. What followed was one of the largest and bloodiest forced migrations in history: an estimated 1 million people lost their lives. What caused this violent aftermath? Haimanti Roy details the lasting legacies of the Partition of India.

Lesson by Haimanti Roy, directed by Jagriti Khirwar & Raghav Arumugam.

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35 thoughts on “Why was India split into two countries? – Haimanti Roy”

  1. As a Pakistani living in the UK, I can confirm that the British youth are oblivious to the wrongdoings of their ancestors and they have not been taught well enough about the impacts of colonialism that remain prevalent in various parts of the world to this day. It's a shame really.

  2. Just because Nehru wanted to rule India (Now India+Pakistan).
    But Jinnah (Atheist) came in for the position.
    Nehru seperated India. Gave Pakistan (Muslim Nation) to Jinnah (Atheist).

  3. Totally Biased Analysis, MA Jinnah never was a supporter of Separate Nation until Congress Leaders started this division by not accepting East and West Bengal separation since muslims had some edge on this !!! don't spoil history!!!! "Millions of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan???? OMG, their quantity was not even 500,000!!!! who did deal with Red Cliff Commission to include Ghordaspur in India, who made fake deal to Include Kashmir in India? even on your map you are showing Kashmir as part of India, its a disputed area as per UN resolution!!!!

  4. Pakistan was formed on the religious lines to create a Islamic state, because you know, India is a Secular Democratic Republic and Muslim population in India is increasing at higher rate than any other groups and have share of 16% from 8% since independence,
    Pakistan is a army controlled Islamic Republic and hence Hindus population has fallen from 13% to 1% in 2022 because of ethinic cleansing and mass genocide. Same with the east Pakistan where Hindu population was 33% and now it is fallen to 8%, millions of Hindus and other minority groups were killed by Pakistani Army just because of their religion, The religious demographic statistics since 1947 clearly shows which Religious group wanted to break India to create a single Religion state and they did exactly that.

  5. Being a Pakistani it's sad to see that sometimes Indians show deep hatred towards us and vice versa. Yes, we have Britain to blame but we have ourselves to blame too, no power is more than the power of the society, yes Gandhi and Jawaharlal had good views but including large differences between Hindus and Muslims and not forgetting the hatred put between us by Britishers, we needed to separate and rise as 2 friendly nations but sadly the opposite happened. What's even more unfair is that Kashmir had a Muslim majority but just because their leader was a Hindu he demanded it as a part of India, and he had no right to make that decision, it was supposed to be chosen by the people living there and more than 70 years have passed and the vote has not been cast and India continues to terrorize the people of Kashmir and we can do nothing about it. Putting aside all the differences, if we have to be enemies and hate each other then we can continue that but at least leave the poor people of Kashmir out of this and either let them be their own country or let them choose between Pakistan and India. I'm not saying India is at fault, both countries have made mistakes but then again please do not make the people of Kashmir pay for your mistakes. They are innocent.

  6. why two countries? Ans is simple. Pak for muslims and India for Hindus…thats what Jinnah demanded. Jinnah convinced the British that muslims would never be treated as equal by Hindus
    But the irony is that today so many muslims still live in India and demand equal rights

  7. Just because independence in Empire's biggest cash cow India was certain, USA and Britain found a new geopolitical interest in Asia, i.e. the Partition of India, the objective was to create a state that would for long remain as a stopper for India to go ahead of the world or can be used as a proxy to India by world powers, moreover the video says that that each kingdom had its traditions, languages, kings so as to make India look like a broken piece of land, however everybody must remember that the whole of India was binded together by its long living soul, the Sanatana Dharma or what we know today as Hinduism (thanks to the Arbas and Persians) but without casteism, dowry, sati and many more malpractices created over the invasions of India i.e. about a 1000 years ago.

  8. Calcutta is not Calcutta it's Kolkata
    Pls try to pronounce Indian states correctly

    As i am an Indian i feel the British were wrong,we welcome all religions.india has its enemies but it has more friends.

  9. 5:03 there not supposed to be any refrendum after king himself signed to be a part of india as all other more than 250 princely states undergo same protocol to be a part of india moreover pakistan army forcefully entered kashmir when it was under thought process of becoming part of india and killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians on the way to capitol and pakistan has nothing to do with kashmir and its people and is illegally occupying part of kashmir due to un refrendum which was also not needed as it is internal matter of india

  10. Im really crying that everyone's story is the same of their grandmothers grandfathers,parents, siblings and even themselves that how they left their houses,lands, relatives just to live in an independent country and it is horrific,scary and crazy,I wish We would all meet and console everyone of us at same place but that's never going to happen.💪💔😓
    (Sorry for my bad English )

  11. You forgot to mention that india still has more muslims than pakistan or Bangladesh and is second largest after only Indonesia

    Also, you mentioned that before colonization india was divided into various princely states which is false because the whole concept of princely states only came after British colonization. Before Brits, india was ruled by the Mughal empire which was amongst the biggest empires of asia

  12. I still wonder how Jinnah and Muslim League decided that their decision was decisions of muslims of all India, or the majority of the muslims.
    Did they organised any poll among muslims of India? If not who gave them right to decide for such a large community when they couldn't even take all of them to the new state.
    Who gave them right to create such an environment where millions of civilians died?
    Modern day Pakistanis have born there and therefore patriotic, they will never want associate themselves with India but did their forefathers choose it for themselves?

  13. So, India wanted independence, the British gave it to them, but what happened afterwards is still the fault of the British! “If in doubt, blame the British”. Jeez, take some responsibility!

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