Why sex, intimacy and pleasure matter. Real women, real talk!

Why sex, intimacy and pleasure matter. Real women, real talk!

Wanna hear a real talk? Watch out the whole video, why sex, intimacy & pleasure matter.

In this video Rachel Freemon Sowers and her guest, Clare Sente, Sexual Empowerment Coach and founder of Empowered Enchantress and I have some real talk about sex, pleasure and intimacy. Clare’s passion is helping women feel confident and sensually connected to their bodies.Clare loves to share the wisdom she has learned from her mistakes and her study of Tantra to help other women and men develop a healthy relationship with their bodies and enjoy sexual confidence.

In this RFS Live Show episode we explore:

Why sex, intimacy and pleasure are important,
What keeps women from experiencing it the way they want, and
How women can connect/reconnect with themselves in an intimate, sensual and pleasurable way.
Don’t worry, we aren’t doing any demos.😂

This episode is real and honest. If you have found yourself putting the “brakes” on your pleasure and intimacy (not only sex), wanting more but afraid to say so or find yourself thinking about it a lot, craving it (sex, intimacy, pleasure), you are not alone.

It’s time to talk about it. It’s time to talk about sexual compatibility and how to find out more about how you like to experience sex, intimacy, and pleasure, and communicate about it so that you can experience more connection, fun and passion.

I share my results from the Sexual Temperament Questionnaire (developed in 2015 by Emily Nagoski Ph.D.) and how sexually compatible my wife and I are. It was fun. You should try it.

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