Why Being Classy Beats Being Hot/ Look Classy and Sexy but Not Cheap

Why Being Classy Beats Being Hot/ Look Classy and Sexy but Not Cheap

Work with me 📲 Website: https://parmitakatkar.com . It is possible to look classy and sexy without looking trashy!
A classy woman knows how to look put together every day. Classy, elegant and a high value woman who looks put together over 40 or over 50, does not come naturally. You can look sexy without looking cheap. Classy outfits and classy dresses that fit your body and lifestyle without revealing too much and even without covering up too much can be your way to avoid making elegant mistakes. Stay in touch with your femininity whatever age or size woman you are. The tips in this video are applicable for chubby girls and offers style hacks for plus size women to feel confident and develop a personal style which is a huge part of self development. You can learn to dress your body and learn how to be elegant, how to be sexy but classy.
And Parmita Katkar, an image coach. I help women become the best version of themselves and help them with personal development to transform their confidence in the mindset, in the personal style, customize make up tips and help them develop body language to overall create a powerful personal brand. If you have tried to develop a personal style and followed random style tips I noticed that they did not work for you. Instead of looking sexy and classy if you land up looking like a hot mess then maybe learning about developing your personal style is what you need to invest in to become a better version of yourself. #ImageCoach #BlushWithMeParmita #HowToDressClassy #StyleTips

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32 thoughts on “Why Being Classy Beats Being Hot/ Look Classy and Sexy but Not Cheap”

  1. Such great content as always! I have had conversations with my 17yr old daughter about this and I'm so happy you did this video because she can hear it from a professional. Thanks so much!

  2. Awesome hints and suggestions. I’m naturally a people pleaser, possibly from my upbringing and working in front desks in medical practices . I had started to get tired of that. A classy friend and colleague has been teaching me I don’t have to please everyone. Your comments are attuned to what she’s been showing me. Thanks for your hints. I’ll continue my evolution.

  3. Hi madam am mental very depressed can you please tell home remedy for spider veins in face . Please madam really i can't sleep also. Atleast please reply. 🙏🙏🙏

  4. “Life is too short to blend in”! Wow lady, my life sentiments exactly! Stumbled across your channel today & I’m hooked! Your classy, cute, intelligent- The epitome of an elegant, beautiful lady. Stunning in fact! Love your accent too. … (disclaimer- I’m totally straight btw 😂🤣)

    Will start the ‘perk me up’ boob exercises tomorrow. Many thanks for such great content from 🇬🇧👩🏻‍🦱💖

  5. I’ve been doing the “hot and sexy” thing for too long without knowing. I don’t feel beautiful even though people do comment how “hot” I am. Much later Stress in my job caught up to me and I don’t look and feel my best.
    Now I cover up. Not classy at all, just very plain and perhaps very messy looking.

    Thanks for the tip of trying out classy in future.

  6. I discovered your YouTube channel early 2019 and I am glad I did . My confidence and picture poses increased tremendously. I love public speaking , but seeing you do it so well and effortlessly motivated me a lot. Thank you Ma. For helping thousands of women improve their confidence and self image.

  7. Developing jawline doesnot suit everyone,imagine a round face having sharp jawline at bottom and round forehead at top,it looks cartoony 🧐,u are women so imagine about men .

  8. U have round forehead but sharp jaw ,so u must exercise your head to make it sharp ,so it will suit your face …yes women like it in women only but men don't like it ..

  9. This was needed like oxygen. And finally you did it. Otherwise it has now become a thing to dress sexy for approval. But it's not like that. Thank you for this. You're doing a great job. The best video ever! Love it. Just love it.

  10. Dear Parmita, thanks a lot for this video… I love what you said at the end: we do not have to please everybody, otherwise we are just becoming a people pleaser… thanks for reminding that! It looks so basic when said but I think we (girls) have been raised to please everybody and it is so hard sometimes to just be ourselves and just please ourselves. Hopefully with age this wise mindset arrives but thanks for saying it so clearly 😘

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