Why 99.9% of ALL Single Men Are NOT Attracting Beautiful Women (WOMEN TELL ALL)

Why 99.9% of ALL Single Men Are NOT Attracting Beautiful Women (WOMEN TELL ALL)

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Want to know the difference between a guy that gets dates with beautiful, awesome women and a guy that doesn’t? It’s the 3 things that I’m about to share in this video with you ;). In it I reveal the 3 Simple Steps To Get Dates with Gorgeous Women that you should apply immediately.

Once you learn these steps getting dates will become very easy for you and you’ll question why you weren’t doing these things earlier 😉

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40 thoughts on “Why 99.9% of ALL Single Men Are NOT Attracting Beautiful Women (WOMEN TELL ALL)”

  1. Marni, most of my life, I have been the man who avoids the sexual flavors of conversation. (I say flavors, because I think it is misleading, to men anyway, to call the flirting "sexual conversation", which to a man is far more sexually overt than you mean it to be.)

    But one time, there was this incredibly attractive woman who seemed to be flirting with me. So I decided I would have a little fun, just casual flirting, nothing more. After a while, she let me know that she had a boyfriend, and that he was going to be out of town the next weekend. I don't go for things like that. But I decided that there would be nothing wrong with being friends. I really wanted her to stay in my life, even if only friends. I asked what she would be doing while he's gone. (I was thinking maybe coffee together, in public.) The reply was that she would likely just stay in bed all weekend. Suddenly, I realized that was a covert invitation to join her. She had not been flirting after all. I would not have recognized it if she had been. Rather, she had been actively trying to seduce me, which I thought was just casual and harmless flirting. With that invitation, even though the physical attraction was still there, the stronger part of the attraction had vanished. I gave a lame response, pretending I did not recognize the invitation. She did not persist. But that's not the important thing.

    My point is that I concluded that I was a total novice in regard to flirting, and that flirting was not something to play around with. And I have held that view ever since. Now, many years later, I find your videos about how to flirt. Even so, I continued thinking it's only for when you are ready for escalation. But, in this video, it became clear that it actually can be done casually and often, and with no intention of escalation. And yet, if I flirt with women with no intention to escalate, would that not be "leading them on"? What is the difference? This can be very confusing to me. Still undecided.

  2. The opening scene of that movie showed him extremely indecisive. The ending scene showed him taking her hand while walking, simply because he wanted to, and because he had seen no reason not to. An earlier scene revealed that she ignored all the winks she received on her online profile. Another scene revealed that she mentioned to another coworker, in his hearing, that she had that online profile. We also learn that he was not on that platform until hearing her mention that. She also seized an opportunity to initiate conversation with him, using someone else's misperception of a piece of a song. There was a lot of indecisiveness on both parts. But the movie shows him becoming far more decisive and willing to take risks, even boarding a helicopter with a pilot which was known by him to be drunk. I had avoided that movie, because it had Ben Stiller. But it kind of landed in my lap several weeks ago. So I decided to give it a go, and was quite surprised that his character was well outside of his norm. I enjoyed the movie. But was the first time I actually noticed Kristin Wiig, because of her speaking to him and telling him something I had not known about a song (I never liked because of its sound, and never paid attention to) to encourage him to take risks. After that, I have watched several movies with her in them. She always seems to play weak and indecisive characters, which is why I never really noticed her. Then I watched again the one you mentioned and realized that even this character was rather weak and indecisive, but less so. This movie became one of my favorite movies, maybe not among my top ten, but still.

  3. Part number three was the most important part of this advice. You have to not take yourself so seriously and learn to play with it. I said this because I was married for 15 years and just got divorced. And I was a massive flirt and now I realize that this is live action where women actually expect results but I’m not quite ready to go there yet, but I am still having fun for now.
    My best advice is that you have to gamify, to where you approach girls with certain things, and expect different results and score yourself. Most importantly. Obviously not in front of her and don’t be afraid of her saying no it’s OK. NEXT!!! Or if you get rejected, start flirting with one of the girls with her as women always throw each other off of the Island.

  4. I seen a very beautiful gorgeous lady in the store been talking with her every time I see her I'm never done that ever She has gorgeous blue eyes I think she could be the one been looking for

  5. Let's have some fun with math. The vast majority of women want a man who is 6 feet tall or taller. Only 14% of men are that height. Now of that 14%, how many men are straight? About 12%. Of that 12%, how many want a relationship? About 6%. Next, the majority of women want a man who makes 100k or more. Of that 6%, less than 1% will make that much money.
    In short, if a woman wants a man who is 6 feet, makes 100k, single, and actually wants a relationship, that is less than 1% of all men in the entire country, without any other considerations such as goals, politics, religion, personality, compatibility, and more. Modern women's demands have gotten so unrealistic that they quite literally want a man who doesn't exist, and they all want that same sort of man. And they all are deluded enough to genuinely believe that they deserve such a man, and that he should thank his lucky stars that she graces him with her presence. And if you consider that there are more women than men to begin with, there is going to be many, many, disappointed women out there.
    Personally, I find it all very entertaining.

  6. After 15 years on dating sites and going out and making an effort to speak to women, and never getting a single date. I am starting to actually believe that women are not interested. Why does my reality not look like everybody elses ?

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