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Who Is the More Satisfying Woman in Bed?

I have plenty of experience with women and sometimes I wonder why I should not put them down on pen and paper. So here it is: firstly in my travels around the world, I have slept with Russian, East European, Nordic, French and British, American and South American and SE Asian women, not forgetting women from the various parts of India.

These experiences cannot be the basis of any research and its best to treat them as the personal impressions of a man who tried to live life to the hilt. In fact in an earlier post I have already written that Tamil Brahmin and American women take the cake as far as I am concerned in bed. Again this is not a research paper, but just an experience that shows the world is one. I have found the Nordic women, despite the free sex extremely cold. In contrast an American or a Brahmin Tamil girl is volatile like hot bubbling water.

Who would I prefer between a Tamil Brahmin girl and an American? Firstly let me set the issue straight as far as color is concerned. I am not a racist, but I always eschewed black color women, irrespective of religion and race. Out of the white the extreme pale faced women are again ones that I would avoid. Coming to the million dollar question as to who is more satisfying in bed, an American girl or a Tamil Brahmin? There is no easy answer and both women from America and Tamilnadu are good competition. A Tamil Brahmin girl will be a little shyer, while an American woman will be the greater participant. If one goes by the Tantra theory, an American is more likely to understand Tantra sex than a Brahmin girl from Tamil Nadu. But an American may not be a virgin, while in 98% of the cases a Tamil girls will be a virgin, complete with hymen intact.

The sex itself is a volatile elixir and one that is the fountain of good health. This is stated in the Tantra and if one wants good health, then sex is the elixir and to remain young you will need different women and preferably younger ones as well. The question of who is better, an American or a Tamil Brahmin is one that is like the scales and can swing up and down. It also depends on the mood of the man and that means me. Maybe by a whisker an American girl would be ahead by a half a point in most scenarios. Loving her as per the Tantra is the greatest gift for a man, while deflowering a Tamil Virgin girl has its own aura and glory. Frankly why not the two of them simultaneously? It’s not easy unless one is a Hercules and I am not one.

Source by Madan G Singh

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