Who am I voting for? | Pakistan Elections 2018 | Mooroo

Who am I voting for? | Pakistan Elections 2018 | Mooroo

I would like to hear your view on things, so leave a comment if you agree or disagree below.

Mein aap kee rai bhi sunana chahoun ga, neehcay comments mein arz keejeeyay.

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43 thoughts on “Who am I voting for? | Pakistan Elections 2018 | Mooroo”

  1. Dissapointed in my voting decision?

    Dont be my opinion is not there to mirror yours. Vote for the candidate you like the most. To believe in democracy is to be tolerant of everyones opinion.

    Think about it.

    I’m aware of all the updates and I still have the same opinion.

  2. میرے خدا 😢 یہ ھنسنے کی بات نھی جو کچھ اس غریب قوم کے ساتھ ظام ھو رہا ھے نون لیگ اور پی پی پی رونوں مجرم ھیں اس قوم کے ان کو پکڑو اور سزاے موت کے ھیں حقدار ھیں یہ بے غیرت چور حرامکھور

  3. الحمد الله همار وزيراعطم عمران خان صاحب زنده باد آور همار فخر كبتان زنده باد انشاءالله 🌹 ميرو زنده باد انشاءالله 🌹

  4. i am watching this video after two years but being a citizen of lahore i had many reasons for not voting shareef khandan because not only they are corroupt the roads made by them are also troubling the citizens and the metro roads are raggedy.

  5. Good effort, but your video missed some major points for e.g. there was no mention of major corruption cases of PPP & PML N top leaders including Zardari & Shehbaz Sharif nor was it mentioned that these 2 parties have been in power multiple times yet they were not able to perform!

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