What's sexy about Japanese girls?

What's sexy about Japanese girls?

Japanese girls and boys are confessing what makes a girl sexy in their opinion and what doesn’t. I was surprised how open these Japanese people were in sharing what they think makes a girls sexy. Let’s go and interview Japanese people about dating, sexy girls and Japanese girls.

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Ask Japanese is interviewing Japanese and Foreigners in Japan, about life in Japan, dating Japanese, tasty foods, anime, manga and more. Through our interviews, we try to bring Japanese culture to the world!(=✧ω✧=)
If you plan to travel or live in Japan, we feature many topics about life in Japan and where to travel to. We ask Japanese girls, boys and elders to give you a glimpse at what Japan is really like. Our reporter Cathy Cat interviews people in Japanese and English!

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26 thoughts on “What's sexy about Japanese girls?”

  1. Eh? Is asking stranger's (girl) make up considered weird in Japan? But when I went to Japan, they asked me the brand of my shoes, even where I bought it…

  2. Im honestly super surprised and very happy there are actually asians out there who like golden tanned girls, haha yay keeping my hopes up x and i love how they also like big thighs YAY as they usually like pale skin and with a very very skinny body figure

  3. I'm really enjoying these 'Ask Japanese' videos. Reporter Cathy Cat is so sharp and witty and just as adorable as her guests. The subject matters are so much fun watching the guests responses. I wish I didn't have to read the subs, but at the same time I love hearing the Japanese spoken and all the giggles. I love that it's all clean fun in a world overshadowed in suffering. Keep me happy, I want a girl to keep me happy, Cathy.
    (Rolling Stones – Happy)

  4. I’m going back here after few years learning nihongo. Maybe it would be better to put subtitles right? Coz not all of us viewers can understand nihongo. There’s no point of speaking English from first and last of this video if there’s no sub for the main part of this interview.😕

  5. I like a girl's narrow waist, a girl's hair, nape, the rest of the neck, face, collarbones, earlobes and navel the most. But im uber gay so liking so many things so much makes sense.

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