What’s On My Phone With Sexy Phoebe: Wicked Weasel Special Video

What’s On My Phone With Sexy Phoebe: Wicked Weasel Special Video

Get to know sexy Phoebe a little bit more in this very special Wicked Weasel what’s on my phone video! Slay in WW like Phoebe, get yours here: http://go.wickedweasel.com/whatson-phoebephone

What’s on my phone? Phoebe gives us all a glimpse of her everyday life as she shows us her fave apps, photos, and the stories behind all of them! Show me your phone, and I will tell you who you are. 😉 It is true – this new saying is very apt to all of us nowadays.

My Fitness Pal, Shazam, and Instagram – do you like the same apps as Phoebe? Comment below! And if you know someone who’s very active and loves to get fit like this gal, make sure to gift them with some hot activewear here: http://go.wickedweasel.com/active-whatson-phoebephone

Curious who’s on Phoebe’s screensaver? How about the last person she texted? Watch this what’s on my phone video now and find out yourself.

As for her favorite photos… Yeah – they include many pictures with the other half of Wicked Weasel’s sexy duo, Jemma! One of her favorite people. Have you watched the mega dress try on haul featuring the sexy dresses they’re wearing? Not yet? Don’t miss it! You can also cop their looks here: http://go.wickedweasel.com/outers-whatson-phoebephone

Follow Phoebe on Instagram (@phebalus) and be updated with her adventures! She’s wearing the Modal Tie-up Top in this Wicked Weasel what’s on my phone video. Get it here: http://go.wickedweasel.com/modal-whatson-phoebephone



34 thoughts on “What’s On My Phone With Sexy Phoebe: Wicked Weasel Special Video”

  1. Phoebe your absolutely sexy sexy stunning woman, I tell you all your phone is messing is my number! I want to treat you like a queen that deserve to be treated as such! So much class
    All natural beauty woman! Saying hello from America, much love

  2. Phoebe… My dream is to meet you and hug you. You are an absolutely beautiful, sensual woman, and you reflect an energy that makes you fall in love. You are the most beautiful and sexy of all … Greetings from Querétaro, Mexico …

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