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What’s a Massive Penis No Woman Can Resist?

The various penis health related media on the Internet are collectively responsible for creating an utterly false impression about penis size. There is so much talk about men acquiring a massive penis no woman can resist that almost everyone thinks women go berserk when they have a huge penis to have sex with. However, the media, and most importantly the manufacturers of penis enlargement products, have got this very wrong. Studies show that women aren’t as much interested in big penises as people are made to think.

The fact is that women are sensitive people and they like more sensitivity in sex than size. For them, things like foreplay or even a hot steamy talk before the main act matters more than the size of the penis. They are titillated cerebrally rather than corporally. However, in order to pitch in their products to these men, the media suggests that women are crazy for big penises.

The truth is that for women, penis girth means more than penis length. The vagina is sensitive only for the first two inches, which is till where the G-spot is located. So, by theory, even if a man has a two inch penis (what we biologically call a micro penis), he should be able to bring a woman to orgasm, because he would be able to reach her all-important G-spot. That is why when you are looking at a penis enlargement product, which is if at all, then you should look for something that focuses on improving penis thickness and well as penis length.

But then is it completely false that size matters? That may not be completely correct either. There are few women who go for visual stimulation and for them large penises make a great impact. However, again, it is preferable for these women to get sexually aroused through foreplay first and then feast their eyes on the big penises.

In any case, a big penis helps in sexual performance because it makes penetration more convenient. But, more importantly, it has a psychological impact on the man. The man becomes more confident because of his big organ and he goes through the act with better confidence. This puts a whole new ring on his sexual performance and, naturally, that helps the woman as well. Thus, the concept of a large penis is important, but not in the way most people think.

A massive penis no woman can resist may be useful after all, but you must know that there is more to that than what is normally spoken about.

Source by Marc Thompson

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