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What To Do If Your Girlfriend Complains About A Lack Of Attention

Sometimes when you are dating, your girlfriend might bring up that she doesn’t feel she is getting enough attention. This many times is a huge source of conflict for couples as one person wants a little bit more time and attention and the other one does not. Find out what you can do if this situation comes up in your relationship when your girlfriend wants more attention.

First of all, don’t assume what she means. You need to talk to her about what she means exactly. You can’t makes assumptions since everyone is different. She might mean she is lacking a certain type of attention. If you don’t know what it is, you will be confused about your efforts to help with the problem.

Include her in everyday things if she feels she wants more time with you. You might think these things are meaningless, but they won’t be to her. Take her grocery shopping. Do laundry with her.

The lack of attention might not be a time issue. She might just want to know how you feel about her from time to time. Send her little messages like a text, email, or even a short phone call to surprise her and make her feel special.

Ask her to be part of the hobbies that you enjoy. Do your best to include her. If you like playing video games, find ones that she might enjoy playing with you. During this time, be sure to continue to talk to her.

Have special things planned for her that she can look forward to. Sometimes she feels a lack of attention as she is not sure when she will be able to see you or spend time with you again. Set up dates or even times to talk that she will be able to think about and look forward to.

Continue to ask how she feels about the issue. This will show that you do really care about what she is feeling.

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