What Is Sikhism?

What Is Sikhism?

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Sikhism, the 5th largest and youngest of the world religions. A religion that preaches about love, peace, and the equality of humankind, but also asks it’s followers to carry swords.

Sikhism originated in the Punjab area of India and Pakistan, 500 years ago. The Punjab, the land of five rivers, is one of the most historically and culturally dense areas on Earth. Today there are about 25 million Sikhs. They make up about 2% of India’s population but about 60% of the Punjab’s. The Sikh diaspora is spread out across the world with concentrations in the UK, Canada, The US, East Africa, Australia, and Malaysia. Sikhs interestingly enough make up almost 1.5% of Canada’s population which is second only to India.

So who are the Sikh’s, what do they believe, and why does everyone confuse them for Muslims? Well Let’s Find Out.



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40 thoughts on “What Is Sikhism?”

  1. Get 30 days FREE Audible Membership here http://audible.com/cogito or text cogito to 500-500. Remember to finish 3 audiobooks by March 3rd 2020, to get $20 Amazon credit
    Do you have any questions about Sikhism? Feel free to ask and I'll answer them for you in a comment response video. What would you like me to cover next?

  2. All that part about formless god who cannot be imagined by our small minds They just copied from Islam, that's all Sikhism is.. is a pick and choose from Islam and Hinduism and then add your own little sprinkle on top.

  3. ugh is it just me or does everyone who has heard of sikh's before this cringe when he says sickh instead of sikh.
    Edit: Wait in the uk we say it wrong well damn we are so dumb how'd we start calling it wrong.

  4. 🇮🇳सिख धर्म महान है
    सिख बाबो के डेरों में जा रहे हैं परंतु सिखों के सम्मान में कोई फर्क नहीं पडा। दुनिया सिखिज्म के कामों को जानती है। बस धनी सिख, बेघर,बदहाल दलितों की हैल्प करें जो गुरूओं के करीब रहे अब भी धर्म के नाम पर वोट देते हैं👳‍♂️

  5. I'm atheist but I still appreciate philosophical foundations of Sikhism and Buddhism, both for different reasons, they feel like well-thought-out systems of values to reduce harm and worries, they are not perfect but nonetheless impressive and inspiring

  6. I always admired the acceptance between Hindus and Sikhs regarding their culture. Like I lives in punjab , here around 58% population is of Sikhs whereas hindu population is around 39% yet I have never experienced any kind of religious or cultural divisions among them. Hindus go to gurdwaras, Sikhs also go to hindu temples. It's kind rare.

  7. If you are reading this as a Sikh person, please know how march your religion made an impact on me growing up. My religion was the opposite and your theology was so hard for me to imagine when I was still fully indoctrinated. The kindness so many families exhibited to me and my friends was undeserved ❤

  8. I'm a Christian, and i have to say, it's amazing to see how others come up with this. The falsehood that humans can earn their way into some sort of "heaven" is not surprising. Still, God's law has been written on our hearts. My friends, if you have ever stolen, lied, or looked with sexual desire, you have sinned against a holy and righteous judge. And because God is just, he will punish those who have broken his law, like you and me. However, the good news, is that Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, lived the perfect life that we could never live. Then with his perfect self, he died on the cross to satisfy the wrath of God that we deserve because of our sins. Three days later Jesus rose from the dead fulfilling every biblical prophecy and making the way for us to be made right with God. God has promised us the free gift of salvation for all who will turn from their sins, and trust in CHRIST ALONE for their salvation. I write these things, because of a love and concern for others. I am not judging, for I have no right to. Please think about this. Nothing is more important than where you spend your eternity.

  9. Seeing this, the people who want Khalistan and who rage about thier religion, is exactly the opposite Sikhism says. The indian Sikhs I've met have been Great but the ones who go abroad are oddly too proud and egotistical. I wonder why it happens to sikhs who move out of India.

  10. Did guru govind singh really say that sikhs should never cut any hair or he said that beard etc must be kept as most potraits of Govind Singh show him with small beard not grown upto waist like some sikhs do.What about armpit and pubic hair, are they allowed to grow into long bush or trimmed? Some sikhs do cut or trim beard etc. Sikhs are good people.

  11. With all due respect to every religion, Sikhism is an example that anyone can start their own religion out of one's own belief, it's just about one's own perspectives & one's own beliefs. Jesus, Muhammad, buddha,Nanak…were all ordinary people with strong beliefs & personalities, to their credit they were able to convince people & align em' with their beliefs. Anyone can start a movement today in the year 2022 & by 2050, that movement would be a 'religion' with followers by then! There is only one God & that God is your own belief & HE/SHE resides in you. God is not a Christian , a muslim, a Buddhist, a Sikh, a Shiva…nor any man created God according to their imagination!

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