What is Andrology? - Answered by drvijayantgovinda.com

What is Andrology? – Answered by drvijayantgovinda.com

This video answers the following questions.
1. What is Andrology?
2. Who is an Andrologist?
3. What does an Androlgist treat?

Andro means man. Andrology is the study of disease process effecting men. More specifically disease processes effecting sexual and reproductive functions in men.
An Andrologist a medical practitioner qualified in Andrology. Currently, there is no medical degree recognised anywhere in the world, that qualifies one to be an Andrologist.
Typically, Doctors and Physicians working closely with the reproductive organs of men, gain special experience or interest in Andrology.
Urologist due to their special training, especially their intimate knowledge of the male sexual organs and reproductive tract, are eminently suitable to handle andrology.
But, every Urologist is not an Andrologist. Only Urologist who have had training in the field, usually practice andrology.
I am Urologist qualified from Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research. Chandigarh. PGIMER Chandigarh is the premier Institute catering to Andrology services in Northern India. At PGI Chandigarh, I was part of running an Andrology OPD specifically geared to male reproductive disorder including erectile dysfunction and male infertility. The OPD catered to approximately a 100 patients everyday. Apart from that, I had the good fortune of working under and observing stalwarts in the field like Dr SK Singh and Dr Ravi Mohan Mavduru. Equipped with the latest operating microscope and technology, PGIMER offered the best learning experience in Andrology.
Before being trained at PGI Chandigarh, I worked with DR RCM Kaza, at Maulana Azad Medical College and Lok Nayak Hospital in Delhi. Dr Kaza is regarded by many as the Father of the Male Family Planning Program in India. A well versed surgeon, I learnt and assisted the whole gamut of Androlgical procedures. With him, I recieved my grounding in the understanding of Andrology.
Over the course of many years, I have treated a vast number of patients suffering from male sexual disorders with successful outcomes. I am not sure whether I am the Best Andrologist Delhi NCR, but I have the requisite training and resources to cure your disease.

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