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What If She Asks Me to Be Her Boyfriend?

A lot of men out there are in the dating game just for fun. They like meeting new women, chatting with them, getting their number, and meeting them again for dinner of coffee after a few days. You’re probably like that, since you’re reading this article. It’s a challenge to actually captivate a woman enough to give you her number after a few short minutes, but it’s entirely possible if you do everything work. It’s truly a fun thing to do, and women enjoy it as well.

But what if she asks you to be her boyfriend? All of a sudden she wants to bring things up from “dating” to a “relationship,” and it can be enough to scare some guys out of their wits. What do you do when she suddenly talks about the “R” word?

It’s totally up to you. Many relationships that start out half-heartedly still develop into really good bonds between a man and a woman – ones that last a lifetime. But I think when you get into a relationship with a woman that you’ve known less than a few months, you run the risk of jumping into something that’s a little too hot to handle.

Dating is different from relationships. It’s much easier to get a girlfriend than keep one, since virtually any guy can get a girlfriend at least once in his life. Keeping one, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter. When it comes to keeping a girlfriend and making her happy, you’ll need the benefit of having known her for longer than just a few months.

Why is this? Because it’s funny how one small disagreement can ruin an otherwise good relationship. Take at least three months to get to know each other really well, to see how the relationship can and cannot work. You’ll both need to know that a relationship is a two-way street, and you’ll need to compromise on a lot of things to make things work.

If you’re suddenly scared because she asked you to be her boyfriend, just stay calm and composed. You can say something like, “Sure, call me whatever you want. But I’d like to get to know you a little more first, if it’s all the same.” It’s not rude, and it shows that you’re open to the possibility – but at the same time, you’re protecting the both of you from hurting each other too soon.

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