Wearing My Entire Closet in One Day! *can I do it?*

Wearing My Entire Closet in One Day! *can I do it?*

Now is the best time to go through your closet and ask: will I really wear that?! Erin is putting that to the ultimate test by attempting to wear her ENTIRE closet in ONE DAY!
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44 thoughts on “Wearing My Entire Closet in One Day! *can I do it?*”

  1. 😫😫😫This quarantine is murder (hornets) for my life! I ran more miles than usual so now I have a fractured tibia and am reduced to a knee scooter. I’ve gained 8 lbs because I can’t run anymore and apparently eating in quarantine without burning 500-800 calories a day running means getting a serious case of the chunk-a-monks. We’re all slowly dying inside, so now our only hope is the prospect of laughter from clever style and hopefully y’all can come up with fashion pieces to hide rolls when this has concluded. 😵🤷‍♀️😫🐷

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