Wait!? Are You Cheating or NOT? | Sicilian Defense | GM Naroditsky’s Top Theory Speedrun

Wait!? Are You Cheating or NOT? | Sicilian Defense | GM Naroditsky’s Top Theory Speedrun

00:00 Intro
00:10 First Move
00:17 Game
42:30 Engine Analysis
48:40 Example Position
01:05:00 Example Position 1
01:08:20 Example Position 2

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45 thoughts on “Wait!? Are You Cheating or NOT? | Sicilian Defense | GM Naroditsky’s Top Theory Speedrun”

  1. Upon further review I don't think the guy was cheating, he was just criminally underrated in Elo. Ironically the same mechanism that you employ to drive the speed run. But when the shoe is on the other foot..Well the ancient Japenese proverb your own medicine tastes the most bitter comes to mind.

  2. Daniel, this was a wonderful video. And this whole speedrun series is killing it. Considering that your recommended opening for black in this speedrun is the accelerated dragon, I feel it would be fun if you had 1 video dedicated to the theory of it. I would probably go back to that video after each speedrun game to try to understand how the real life game played out vs the theory. Anyway, that's my 2 cents.

    Thank you for your time and dedication to making these videos. I love how educational they are.

    Have a great day, and a great Christmas.

  3. loved how you talked through using the engine properly to learn— your way of describing the accumulation of 'ideas' is something ive taken to other parts of my life— :bow:

  4. I think part of the reason cheater videos are popular is that its hard to get a sense of gm strength when its a 1300 getting exploded, but it comes through more on a video like this. Crazy game!

  5. He was probably cheating but I'm glad Daniel gave him the benefit of the doubt. I'm a complete chess hack that gets pounded when i approach 1200. I've played one game where I had 100% accuracy but that was more the fault of my opponent than by my "brilliant" play.

  6. Obvious cheater. People think that someone has to play the top move to be cheating. The more clever (but still dumb) cheaters, will pick the 2nd best move often. People will also mix in engine moves with their moves.

  7. 35:44 – the epic moment he fell for the trap! Stream sniping seems pretty likely in this context. Ben Finegold has been known to suggest stupid moves on stream to check if his opponents are doing that, and sometimes he catches them that way too.

  8. I just checked this player's account and surprise! He played Danya twice and lost again a few days after this video.

    I don't think this guy's legit even though his bullet rating is 1800.

  9. You don't get to complain about cheaters when you are smurfing. Whats the difference between you playing on a 1300 elo account and someone getting GM level help on their 1300 elo account?

  10. Ive just checked his account, this guy is rated 1840 in bullet and it's not easy to cheat in a 1 minute game, he played only 14 games in rapid, his current rapid rating is 1474. I think he is underrated in rapid. He might not be cheating in this game. Danya got outprepared in the opening. Suspicious but not 100%.

  11. Btw this kind of title is way more interesting to the viewer because it doesn't reveal if he is cheating or not. I know we are not certain but even if we were it'd still be a better title than "WE FOUND A CHEATER". Just wanted to point that out.

  12. As a 1400 rapid player that Qb4 line is in my (2.Nc3/Grand Prix) prep as white. My coach who made the repertoire said the line was considered dead before Qb4 and we put a lot of work into the lines that come after.

  13. Honestly, I think the opponent's play was pretty reasonable for the rating on the assumption is having a game of his life and he studied the opening. The latter part is what seems most sus

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