Vuzix Blade Review- Wearable Display for a Cyberpunk Future!

Vuzix Blade Review- Wearable Display for a Cyberpunk Future!

I unbox, review and test the new Vuzix Blade head-mounted display.
Vuzix Blade Upgraded Smart Glasses
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47 thoughts on “Vuzix Blade Review- Wearable Display for a Cyberpunk Future!”

  1. I just ordered these a year later from this and they still look promising. I plan on using for ebike deliveries and not looking down at my phone on my bike. I also hope I can figure out some integration with food delivery apps. Accept or decline orders by voice or touchpad. You can also take photos of deliveries an make sure no one claims undelivered and scams. I really like the safety glasses look for blocking wind and debris and coming from a construction trade background. To me they fit right in with the cyberpunk look also. There future V2 I believe look like normal boring glasses.

    I love everything you have to say about technology in general. I feel the same way in your opinions and user experience for the now and future. Keep up the techolust.

  2. Hi beautiful I love you so much naomi your the best girl and your allways friendly and allways smiling love allways your fan island boy from Guam 🎎🇬🇺💐❤

  3. Naomi, almost 2 years later
    Any new updates, apps, upgrades? Watched it again. You have great ideas for apps. Especially now during covid. Parents watching their children studying on their computers while parents busy or at work. Thanks.

  4. Naomi, do you still use these? :). By any chance can I use these with iPhone and YouTube fitness instructional videos while I’m at hotel per say. Or watch videos while I walk? Basically can I move while watching a video or will it make me sick? Or is it a sit and watch thing?

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