vulva project - piece 1

vulva project – piece 1

Close-up video of my first completed large scale mixed media vulva piece, 40×60″

Whether I call this project ‘Natural Sex’ or ‘The Vulva Project,’ this series is by far the most vulnerable of all my work. Stemming from years of sexual trauma on a personal and collective level, this new series explores that which is most judged and objectified in our society. For years my work was only about the innocence of the human form, in fact I was scared to talk about sex, I didn’t know what to say. As time moves on and as I become more comfortable with words, I’m learning to follow my heart and speak my mind. A victim of the system, myself, and almost all women and men have been manipulated in some way by the porn industry and mass media. What is sex? What is the vagina? Pussy? What do you even call this part of the body? Vulva, yoni… after doing a lot of research and soul searching, along with talking to many women, the consensus is that there is no good word for the most sacred part of the female body. What a perfect metaphor. What does this say about this body part? About women? Sexuality? These are some of the questions that I’m currently exploring as I move forward in this part of my healing journey. The root and sacral chakras are often overlooked. In addition to my ongoing classical nude in nature series, I feel a moral imperative to move forward with this art, however shocking, enlivening, beautiful, repulsive or offensive it may be. Why can we look at a close up photo of an eye, mouth, skin folded in the stomach, back and yet when we bring the camera close to this part of the body, all of a sudden something happens to the viewer. The impact is greater. I remember visiting the Guggenheim a few years ago in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I wandered into a room, a small to medium sized exhibition of Mapplethorpe’s explicit erect penis’ and graphic depictions of the male. Why is this in a museum, more photos of men taken my men, alongside photos of women taken by men. It is an honor and privilege to live in a time where I’m able to play with my female gaze, creating, curating and sharing my visions with the world. I hope that you’ll see and experience this therapy with me, and join in this collective movement to sexual and sensual liberation.

More to come soon. Stay tuned.

(I just made this page official on my website… these are my words for now as I just completed the first large scale mixed media piece for this series, which is portrayed in this video. I have thousands of raw images to work with for this narrative, however given the type of “art” / work / content this is, and given where the world and art world is currently at with censorship and the female form, I am taking my time in sharing everything)

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