Vaudeville Games Acte 2

Vaudeville Games Acte 2

Vaudeville Games
A villainous study in 2 actes.
Acte 2

Soon the “Grandmother came walking out from the corridor (sans mink), rubbing her finger along her nose, the “granddaughter” noticed the sign rose from her chair, leaving her dejeweled friend playing happily with the boa, while she slinked cunningly off. The two met inconspicuously in front of the back corner and began whispering together in a conspirator like manner as they looked around, something in the corridor must have given the devious “Grandmother” and idea for some sort of fresh opportunity and they were looking for someone to try it out on! I think I spotted it before they did, but not by much, as I saw them both start looking in the same direction that I had been.

The grandmother went first, heading over to the bar and asked for a glass of wine, which I noticed she no more than sipped at as she watched the “Granddaughters” Progress. The “granddaughter “ then slowly moved out on her own course, zeroing in on a small group of 10 mid- teenagers, playing a game of hopscotch on the floor tiles in a far corner between my table and the restrooms.

Four of the group were suit clad boys, nothing they possessed would be of interest to her. However, the other six would fit her objective, being that they, all girls dressed in glossy attire, were wearing the “good stuff”. Four were exhibiting jewelry of glittering rhinestones, number 5 was adorned with a rather pricey display of gold glistening from her shiny green taffeta clad figure, and the 6th…. Ahh, but the 6th one was quite the exception, and the one I knew was in the granddaughter’s” devious sight. She was pretty, a doe eyed ginger haired doll faced lass, a bit older (an immature 17?) than her playmates, resplendent in a expensively long gown of pleated purple silk, with a seed pearled pattern sewn into the gown’s bodice. She was wearing long satin gloves dyes perfectly to match her gown, and holding in her slippery grasp a small fat satin clutch purse of the same hue. She was adorned with a fine matching display of costly white pearls that went well with her gown and darker completion. Her attractive jewelry dangled ever so invitingly with a pure white gleam; a double rope necklace, matching earrings, and bracelet. Her long plait of soft blonde hair was intertwined with a rope of pearled silver. She also was in possession of a single, remarkably fancy ring, an adult’s pinky cocktail ring that fit snugly along her index finger, it was set with a single large oval Japanese sea pearl surrounded by a row sparkling diamond chips.

The “Granddaughter” quite understandably zeroed in on young Miss purple silk, quickly attaining her friendship. I noticed that both girls were about the same height and physique, an observation that would hit home to me later on. The “Granddaughter” started chatting up her new friend up royally as they watched the others play, each one admiring the others glittering trinkets. I had been wondering what the “Granddaughter” had up her shiny satin sleeve; as I saw her and her friend in the appealingly fluttering purple silk gown, start to walk a little way off, unnoticed by all but one of her playmates, the green taffeta clad girl who was watching with interest.

I had lost track of the “Grandmother” so it was with a start that I noticed her coming out of the Ladies room, and when she spied the “Granddaughter” and her friend, and she causally waltzed over. I could tell that the “Granddaughter” was putting on the act that she the “Grandmother” was just as much a stranger to her, as the older lady was to her new friend, or should I now more appropriately be calling her next victim instead of a new friend!

The “Grandmother” chatted with the two young girls, asking them questions, making them feel comfortable around her. She admired their clothing, and Miss purple silk happily showed of the gown she was wearing with it’s fancy seed pearl decoration. I saw that the “Granddaughter” had been watching the girl in green taffeta, and as soon as the youngster’s attention was focused elsewhere, the “Granddaughter” did a most peculiar thing, she reached up, and undoing her own necklace, slipped it off out of sight in a pocket of her skirt. As she did, I saw the “Grandmother” who had been apparently waiting for the sign, made an excuse like she had to be somewhere, and left the pretty pair of young ladies.

I watched, with some curiosity I will freely admit; as the “Grandmother” walked briskly back up along the wall towards the hidden corridor. She had almost reached the corridors entrance when I happened to look back to the “Granddaughter” just as she began to feel her throat, putting on an act about her now missing necklace. . Miss purple silk had begun to look around on the floor, when the “Granddaughter” grabbed her arm and pointed towards” The Grandmother”! I could tell that she was telling Miss purple silk that the older lady had somehow taken it, and was getting away. This was just as “Grandmother “disappeared around the corner, it had been timed perfectly, giving me an odd impression that this wasn’t a new trick they were pulling . The “Granddaughter” quickly scurried off after her. Following right behind the “Granddaughter”, in a flurry of shimmering jewels, purple silk and satin, the 17 year old followed her new friend, concern spreading across her pretty face.

The pair made it to the end, disappeared down the corridor, unnoticed by anyone but me. I decided to wait this latest bit of skullduggery by the two female con artists out. I reckoned that the worst thing that could physically happen to miss purple silk was her hands being pinned behind her back as the “Grandmother” nimbly run her fingers up and down the teen’s slippery gown locating and stripping the young lady of her pricey pearls, or minute prickling’s as her ring and earrings were removed! I was positively sure that the light-fingered pair was after nothing more from their victim, otherwise I would have had to intervene at once!

The methods the two female thieves had been employing were not by any means close to my way of doing things by any measure, and deucedly to steal from any female under twenty was not my cup of tea atoll! So, the situation now being what it was, I decided to wait and watch, trying to time it just right before rescuing Miss purple satin, deducing that it may prove more profitable to me in the long run to hold me horses.

I had, by my timepiece, been waiting almost 15 minutes when, strangely enough, a figure looked around from the corner. It was the “Granddaughter”! What was she up to now ,I thought, as I saw her inch back along the wall, looking back to the group still happily playing off in their corner. I saw her eyes following the girl in green taffeta with the dangling, shiny gold jewelry. She couldn’t be contemplating what I thought she was, not with the bird the pair already had in hand, it absolutely made no sense!

But just then it was announced that the cake cutting would be commencing, and the children playing hop scotch all scampered off to join the moving crowd that was gathering at the far end of the cavernous room. The “Granddaughter “watched as whatever opportunity she had in mind, slipped out of reach from her ringed fingers,

The “Granddaughter”, a clear look of displeasure creeping into her eyes, walked back to the spot where she had first encountered the group of children. As she watched the festivities, I could tell her eyes her checking out the now deserted tables. She spied the boa still on its chair, and slowly made her way towards it.

The “Grandmother” then appeared from around the corner and looking for the “Granddaughter” spied her and questioningly caught her eye. The “granddaughter”, looked at the “Grandmother” as her hand laid upon the feathery boa, looked around and shrugged. The “Grandmother” nodded back, signaling that it was time to shove off then. The “Granddaughter” picked up the Boa, (probably with the idea to make the same use of it at some other function) and started to move her way out. I started to rise, time to get into action, but at that moment I saw the “Grandmother’s” head snap up, looking over at the crowd where the cake was being cut. The “Granddaughter” looked over also, as I followed suit.

A lady in a swishing long black gown had been bent over talking to the young girl wearing the emerald green taffeta gown and glistening gold chains. The girl had pointed towards the play area, then spotting the “granddaughter” had pointed her out. She had now straightened and departed away from the flocking crowd of cake watchers, heading our way, alone and obviously looking for someone.

She was a rather a quite attractive wealthy lady of not more than 20 years of age. She was clad in a long black A-line gown of shiny liquid satin, that literally appeared to be poured down over her rather nicely endowed figure, shimmering quite appealingly from all points of interest as she gracefully moved , her long gown swirling around in step. The gown fell swishing down to her green satin spiked heeled feet, fluttering in motion around them as she walked ever closer to unrealized peril. A real corker, this lassie was. But it was not her slinky satin gown that had caught the thieves’ attention, but the quite copious display of dazzling white diamond jewelry flickering along her slickly shiny black satin clad figure that warranted the drooling, desirous looks.

The Siren, a green eyed beauty with flowing locks of naturally red hair, made her way towards the back area, looking about her in earnest. I saw the pair of mischievous watchers pass a sign, and as the “Grandmother” disappeared in wait back down the passage, the “Granddaughter” moved off, and standing by the lady’s powder room, watched and waited like a cat will a mouse scurrying about, diligently waiting to pounce! Her prey made it to the area where the hopscotch game had been played, and it was then that the “granddaughter” approached her. If she hadn’t, I probably would have.

As she had walked over I took the opportunity to scrutinize her abundant display of jewels. A long silver necklace shimmered with diamonds set in a grape leaf pattern that fell to a v hanging down just over her gown’s top, that covered her fine “clivage”. Long sparkling earrings, patterned after her necklace, flickered fire as they swung to and fro. Hanging from the wide strip of rippled sash like material around her waist area of her black gown, swayed a leaf shaped silver brooch set with diamond chips. She wore long black satin gloves, around each wrist were twin wide fiery diamond bracelets, while from 3 fingers, 2 on the right, one on the left, were glistening cocktail rings of diamond and emeralds, not a sign of an engagement ring or wedding band. She was wearing a short button less jacket of midnight black satin, with ¾ sleeves over her bare shoulders. On the left side of the jacket was pinned a clip in the shape of a pouncing cat. With green emeralds for its feline slanted eyes, and its entire figure encrusted with glittery diamond stones and chips, it was an incredibly beautiful piece of work, probably Tiffanies, definitely valuable!

All in all it was a very heathy display of what a few hundred thousand grand of loose change ( to one of her ilk) can buy. The” Grandmother” and her blonde “Granddaughter” had hit the jackpot with this one, if they were able to lure her off. I took a quick look around, ladies like her usually always travelled in pairs, especially if they were wandering off somewhere, but this young darling apparently had missed that memo. Being alone, and wearing jewelry of that caliber, made her just that much more vulnerable to pickpockets, thieves and such, even at wedding receptions!

I could now overhear wisps of conversation. Apparently the siren was looking for her kid sister, and from the description, it appeared to be non-other than the pearl wearing miss purple silk, who had fallen ever so rudely into the thieves’ clutches and had been lured away to some hidden corner to fates unknown.

The “Granddaughter” her large blue eyes wide with concern, pointed in the direction of the corridor. The young miss in black satin put a hand to her chest, jewels flashing, falling for it, hook, line and soon to be diamond-less figure. I watched with some self-centered interest as the pair made their way off, soon disappearing around the corner with a silent disappearing swish of her gown, unnoticed by anyone but me, and the girl in emerald green taffeta who I also had seen watching the activity. I kept my eye on her, feeling some anxiety that she would be the fly in the ointment, but she soon turned her shiny young back to it, losing interest, in order to join the line for cake. I breathed a sigh of relief, the game was still afoot for me. I decided to wait now that the coast was clear, wait to give the pair enough time to start in on their new victim. It was imperative that I catch them in the act with no doubts as to their evil intentions if my plan was to work to my ultimate benefit!

Wait about 10 minutes , I figured, before someone should probably investigate, I kenw the pair would not waste any more precious time, their clock was ticking out fast. But as I reached that conclusion, a lady, splendidly clad in a long dress of maroon silken lace, passed by the corridor, heading off to a lady’s powder room as she wiped a bit of cake from her front. Things could wait little longer if necessary I told myself.

I got up and headed over to where the Ladies powder room was located. Beside the powder room was a small alcove with an old phone hanging on the wall for personal calls. I pretended to be on it, watching the doorway. Mere minutes later I heard it open and at the first sign of the silken lace dress, I put up the phone and lumbered out, plowing right into her as she exited. I got a whiff of sweet perfumed as her long hair flew into my face as I grasped her warm figure to keep her from toppling. I successfully scared the living daylights out of her! Her eyes wide with embarrassment as I apologized profusely, slipping my hand along her sensuous figure with the ruse of steadying her as I made sure she was okay, my fingers finding their pretty objective. The entire episode lasted mere seconds before I was off and on my way, leaving behind me in my wake the flustered lass tying to recollect her wits. I smiled to myself, my hand in a pocket, releasing from my grasp the plucked diamond brooch that had taunted me when I first detected it brightly glimmering as it dangled loosely down from its very pick able perch on Miss silken lace’s lovely tightfitting gown as she had strolled by the fateful corridor.

I had spotted it early on, a far too valuable piece to try for under normal circumstances, but then, present circumstances were now anything but normal, now weren’t they? But now I had it now, the easily $75,000 piece was comfortably slumming it with the now cold bracelet (a mere $25,000) also residing in the same pocket. Time to get back to work I now told me self, my mind buzzing with high hopes of success.

I than walked over to where I had two of my security guards located by one of the many exits. I nodded to Pete, one of the men I had handpicked for this job ( all of them selected due to their lack of attentiveness, and lack of common sense) , I whispered something to him, explaining the situation, and he followed me over to the entrance of the corridor., leaving the other one to continue guarding the door, not that it was doing much good, it was the same door that the “Grandmother” and “Granddaughter” had brazenly strolled through unchallenged!

The corridor was long, with a pair of closets on either side., ending in a set of stairs, about 6, leading down to a landing with yet another door; this was not to a closet, but to a workroom with an outside exit. I had made a careful study of the building and its exits the day before. When we reached the workroom door, I slowly turning the handle, then flung it open and we thrusted our way inside, pistols drawn.

The” Grandmother” and the “Granddaughter” were just finishing tying up their second victim, the siren in the black satin gown, to a chair; she had been gagged with dirty rags, her brite green eyes looked at us wide with fear. The sister was also tied to a chair across the room, and blindfolded, neither seemed to have been maltreated., other than the fact the younger sister was clad only in a long purple satin slip. The pair of female thieves also looked up at us startled, frozen in step. I looked them over, then I looked over at the tied up lady, and her sister, there was no sign of any jewelry, which is what I was hoping for. I had timed it perfectly, I smirked to meself.

“So what’s been goin on here then? “ I asked, knowing full well what had been “goin on” just by the looks of things before my eyes.

I identified myself in my official capacity, as head of security for the function, and had the “Grandmother” and her “Granddaughter” line up against the wall, and told Pete to hold his pistol on them.

I went over and removed the gag from Black satin, she was shakin something awful. I told her to be still, and untied her bindings. She rose shakily as I helped her stand, falling onto me, and then huggin me as she wept. I patted her, relishing in the incredible softness of her gown that prettily was draped along her warm figure. It’s all right now my dear, I said soothingly, as I comforted her , making sure at the same time that she wasn’t holding out on anything. She pulled away, “my sister” she said, looking straight at me, blasting me with the gaze of wide green eyes.

Go untie her I suggested, and in a swishing of her gown, she moved swiftly over to the unfortunate lass. We all watched, not a word spoken, as miss purple silk was freed from her bindings, and the blindfold removed. Both sisters than embraced, a quite touching sight, the older sister took off her shiny black jacket, and placed it over the other’s shivering shoulders. I was happy that I had been able interfere before the thieves had taken anymore advantages, but, before things started calming down, and words started to be said from the two victims, I knew that I would have to take command of the situation.

I beckoned to Peter. “Ere Pete, take these ladies outside and have them go to their people, and use the phone by the rest rooms to call the local police in, then report back here.” “I will wait her with these two buggers.” Pete nodded obediently, unquestioningly, which is why I usually call upon him when the situations requires a bit of, how should I say it, delicate maneuvering. As they all left, I backed up to the door and wedged it from the inside, surprised that these two against the wall had not taken the very same precautions.

“All right ladies, I want each of you in turn to approach the table and put the goods on the it” ,I commanded in no uncertain words! “What do you mean?” growled the “Grandmother”? “Come on sister “I responded, “people are talking, seems that some of the youn’uns are missen their jewels!” As the pair of them started to balk and protest, I waved my pistol, “trust me ladies, you don’t want me search ‘in for it.”

The “Granddaughter” approached the table first, and tossed down upon it the small purple silk purse, it landed with a quite satisfyingly heavy plop, I inwardly smiled. She went back to her position on the wall, and I indicated for the “Grandmother to approach next. She came up, a snarling look upon her face, quite different than the look of simpering kindness she had been given her victims.” Hurry it up now” I said, and watched as she reached twice deep into her skirt, came out holding a pile of shimmery jewels and another of glistening pearls in her cupped hand, and laid it on the table. Then as they both were back at the wall, looking at me, wonderingly. I snapped “Turn around” I said, “I don’t want to see your thieving mugs,” and they did, defiantly.

Without changing my expression, I opened the purse, and dumped out its glittering contents, then carefully, but quickly, studied the gleaming piles . it was all there I reckoned, and most certainly the pieces of it I was interested in. I walked over to the work bench, picked up the high-backed chair the girl had been tied to, and walked it back with one hand, turned it around and sat on it backwards, my pistol, pointing at the backside pair of female thieves, resting my hand on the chairs high backside. Using my left hand I began placing the jewelry back into the purse, or at least my pair of captive thieves’ thought that was what I was doing with it!

When I finished with that business at hand, I looked around, saw the mink, boa, purple silk gown and matching gloves, all piled on the floor by the stairs leading to the outside exit. I was wondering what the function was that the “Granddaughter” had been planning to wear the purloined purple silk gown to, for I harbored no doubts that was why they stripped it off from their victim! I said nothing more, nor did the pair against the wall, though I caught them stealing questioning looks to each other.

Pete returned, knocking on the door, I backed up and removing the wedge, let him in. I told him to watch the pair, and left the room, leaving the purse on the table, I told Pete I was checking to make sure things were calm, to tell my other guards what was going on, and wait for the local police inspector to arrive.

When the coppers did finally arrive, a full about 40 minutes later , tardy as usual, it quelling the frazzled guests considerably. I welcomed them and led them to the workroom. We entered, and there was Pete, all tied up and gagged, with no sign of either the “Grandmother” or “Granddaughter”! The mink, boa, purple silk gown, and the gowns’ matching clutch purse(containing the cheapest of the jewels), had all gone away with the fleeing pair! The miscreants had taken it all, along with Pete’s pistol (which was later found outside, empty), and had scampered to off some hiding hole.

The cops, not the least bit happy with the situation, (but rental cops, in their opinion, are rarely a competent breed anyway), took down our statements, and those of the victims as well. They then left, waiting until then to place out an all-points bulletin on the suspects(which suited me fine, give them even more time to disappear). Everything soon settled down as best as could be under the circumstances. The final 2 hours of the reception went off without a hitch. But, giving the fact that the “flock” was a bit skittish now, it would ‘ave been difficult for anyone to make any further attempts at “shearing”em of their opulent jewels anyhows.

I drove home hours afterwards, my mind abuzz with what had transpired, trying to make it all clear to me how to best approach the opportunities that had quite literally fallen into my hands.

That night, sleep was hardly, me friend.

Epilogues, of sorts:

6 weeks later, in a large city about 2 states away, the young lady who had been wearing the emerald green taffeta gown with glimmering gold chains in the tale told above, was now in attendance at a wedding for the daughter of one of her papa’s fellow congressmen. Her mother had encased her daughter in an expensive silk dress of soft ocean blue for the occasion, telling her she needed to be on her best behavior, and not to be under her Father’s foot for the occasion!

While nestled in the receiving line, behind her parents, the young lady had felt the slightest of tugs at the back of her dress. A minute later she discovered that the bib pearl necklace that had been her great aunts, had fallen away from her throat and was missing. A hurried 15 minutes looking around the church for it, had failed to come across it, and she was scolded for being so neglectful in losing such a valuable piece, and also for causing her Father a bit of embarrassment in the process.

Then at the wedding reception, the girl, already on the alert, spotted the very same slinky purple gown with the seed pearled bodice and matching gloves that she had seen a girl wearing a few weeks earlier. The girl whom had had been pulled in a back room and had been mugged!

She studied the girl now wearing it, even with her blonde hair dyed black, she was recognizable as the girl who had been one of the thieves at that reception, the “Granddaughter” The thief was walking with a young lady elegantly attired, whom she recognized as the niece of the congressman! As the girl in blue watched the pair move off, an older lady with silver hair, wearing a pretty top and skirt, approached them, and the 3 moved off. The inquisitive girl in ocean blue silk, followed. The trio had stopped by a window, looking out at something. The girl in ocean blue moved closer to see what it was all about. She could see the 3 ladies reflection in the window. Suddenly she froze; something was not quite right, out of place. It took her only seconds to figure it out, the congressman’s niece, sandwiched in between the thief and the older lady, was missing the necklace of diamonds that she had been wearing when the young girl in ocean blue silk had first seen them, only minutes before!

The girl, in a swirling of her blue silk dress, scurried off as fast as her high heels could carry her, to find her parents. Her parents, reluctantly at first, finally listened after she had pointed out the suspect to them. Her Father took his daughter to the congressman’s security who had her point the “Granddaughter” out. They approached the Niece first, finding her still standing alone by the window. She, with a gasp, confirmed to them that her diamonds had indeed, vanished. They reached the pair as they were making their separate exits out of the reception. “The Grandmother” and “Granddaughter” were caught red handed, pearl bib necklace and the nieces diamond necklace, and plus assorted, mismatched pieces of jewelry being found hidden in secret pockets. All of it had been slipped off the silken figures of young ladies attending the wedding and reception, whom had the misfortune to meet up with the charming “Granddaughter”!

It turned out that neither of the female thieves was what they had appeared to be! The “Grandmother” was an old washed up actress and vaudeville magician named Agnes Adelyirood, in her late 40’s ,who had been forced to find other means to scrape a living, she had dyed her hair gray, and taken on the demeanor of a much older , kinder, lady. The “granddaughter” was not a 16 or 17 year old girl, but a 26 year old midget named Doris M__, whom Agnes had known from her vaudeville days, when her specialty was to play the part of a young girl. Together they had been working as a team combing the country and lifting jewels at the most posh’ist of events.

The authorities, after searching their rented apartment in a shoddy part of the city, discovered several piles of hot jewels and other goods stashed away, including the purple clutch purse with the lesser jewelry from the job they had pulled at the reception my firm had been hired for security. Not included, of course, was the more valuable pieces reported missing from the function, which the authorities mistakenly believed had been broken down and pawned right away by the light fingered pair.

It was after reading all about this in a formal police report and the conclusions that had been reached, that I had finally made some decisions that I had been mulling over.

Now I must admit, being a skilled thief, and also owning my own security business, had certainly turned out to having its benefits…Basically being paid to watch for thieves, leaving the glittering venue open for me to do a bit of thievery on me own.

But for the five years I had been in business, I knew that eventually someone might finally catch on, though it was amazing how daft the wealthy can be most of times, not to mention gullible. To which fact I had caught onto early on and worked the “fields” profitably to my benefit.

But I had been thinking over the past year that it may be time to get out of the business, living off the small nest egg I had acquired over the past 5 years. But that nest egg had suddenly, quite unexpectedly hatched into a small treasure trove.

I owned an old stone cottage on the Cornish coast that had been in me family for generations. Retiring to it while still relatively young, living the life of the country gentleman while I was still youthful enough to enjoy it ; fish a little, evening walks with the dogs at my heels, watch a sunset, rise as I so desired, all had always been me pipe dream. . I, until recently, did not possess quite enough funds to make it a reality. And until I knew for certain which way the winds of change would come, I was unable to really make us of what fortunes I now possessed. But, with the pair caught and being blamed for the missing diamonds, everything had fallen quite neatly into place!

So, I finally decided, run the business, with a clean nose, for another year, let things cool down, and then I would sell the business to Pete and his fellow guards. They all had had been showing an interest as of late, and seeing how Pete had been the unwitting part of my plan by letting Agnes and Doris escape, it was the least I could do for him and the rest.

Also, In her last letter to me, the ginger haired lass I had left back home, had broadly hinted that she would like more than anything to see me again, which was surprising, since the last time we had danced I had carried out a light-fingered lift of the emeralds she had been wearing at her university’s formal!

But I guess love can be blind. She had apparently let her pretty self see my nicking her jewels as a loan to get me started, a loan that I was prepared to pay back, with interest, and I had already written her expressing that desire!

Back home my late Grandfather, whom I had learned a thing or two from back in the day, had always been fond of saying when certain tricky issues arose ; “lie low for a bit, like a fox in the hedgerow, wait until the dogs had sniffed past and the trail cold before, darting home.”

And that my dear friends, was exactly what I was going to do!

Epilogue Duex

11 months Later

So it was that 11 months to the day I had read the report on the capture of Agnes and Doris, that I found meself on a vessel heading across the pond…

As I watched the waning shoreline I looked again down to the letter I held in my hand. It was written by my friend in England, the Ginger Haired lass, agreeing to my plan to meet her up at my Cornish based cottage the weekend of my return. The letter was signed with x’s and a faint lipstick stained mouth print. So I was fairly sure of the reception I would be receiving.

My luggage was on board, including me steamer trunk with its hidden drawer containing a small fortune in jewels.

I had already wired ahead my nest egg, which included the amount accumulated over six years in the security/shearing business, and the sale of that Business to Peter, along with the money I received from……

But me mind wandered to Peter and his cohorts. I had sold the business to them a month before, and had learned through channels that those ingrates were smearing my good name, hinting that I had been in cohorts with Agnes Axelrod, of all things.

Peter had no clue as to the double life I had been leading, and he had no idea how many times I had been approached by the criminal elements willing to “grease my palms if I just would look the other way! Of course I always played the saint, and chased them off…….. So as far as Peter really knew, I was clean as a whistle, and he had no basis for his attack on me name.

So, as I felt the ship lurching as it left the channel, I smiled to meself, paybacks old son, I murmered silently to the unsuspecting Peter and his crew. For , before leaving I had made use of those contacts gleaned from the underworld.

In a fortnight there was to be a rather grand reception put on by a local church diocese with the intentions of enriching themselves under the pretext of hosting a Black Tie Dance, Gourmet Dinner and Casino Night. I had secured the Job the year before, and as an incentive to Peter buying the business, had secured it for this year.

Then Peter had to go and shoot off his mouth… Well, for a rather surprisingly handsome price, I had sold inside information about the Diocesan Event to the cohorts of a rather greedy mobster.

I harbored no doubts as to the gang’s intentions and plans for the monied ( and jewel laden) participants of that event, nor to the ineffectiveness of Peter and his crew to preventing them being carried out.

The whistle blew one last time as the grand ship left port. I turned back and made my way below decks, to catch up on a bit of reading….

Beginning my new, saint like existence of being crime free

As I made me way below decks , still basking in Peter receiving his comeuppance, I let me thoughts wander and caress over a memory from previous year’s Diocesan event.

I had just relived a wealthy gent of a wallet containing his casino winnings when from behind me I heard the rather enticing sounds of something silky swishing about. I immediately slowed down and was soon passed by a rather fetching, long haired female vixen . I watched as her form fitting green satin dress moved silkily along her figure, whipping and whisking about her shapely figure with each passing motion…. She was also enticingly dripping with jewels of sparkling diamonds.

I replayed the entire episode in me mind, as I started to follow her discreetly, watching and waiting like the hungry fox watches prey from the shadows of his hedgerow……



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