Transgender Transitions Gender Affirming Surgery

Transgender Transitions Gender Affirming Surgery

Even though sex reassignment surgery has existed for decades, surgery is not the end of the process. Rather, it is part of the process. Up to 1.5 million Americans identify themselves as transgender. What percentage are even considering surgery? About 70% of people who start to undergo the transition do not choose to have the genital surgery.

In May 2014 Medicare lifted a 33 year ban on coverage for gender reassignment surgery. The genital surgery is covered and some of the insurance carriers will cover the top surgery. However, the problem that I’ve noticed is that even though the insurance companies are covering these procedures, a lot of these individuals do not have transgender benefits. But I think just because they have the surgery doesn’t mean that their care needs to stop. I think it’s a long-term process and it’s one of the areas that’s lacking right now in transgender health.


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