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Touchless Orgasms – How to Get a Woman Off Without Touching Her

“Energy orgasms can be an extremely spiritual experience, giving you a sense of the forces of creation rushing through you, a sense of going beyond the body/mind, reminding you who you are beyond your everyday reality…”-Annie Sprinkle, How to Have Energy Orgasms

The brain is an amazing organ. As a matter of fact, you could call the brain the largest “sex” organ. Why? Because orgasm starts in the brain which controls the release of chemicals that trigger arousal, creating physical changes in the body that prepare us for sexual pleasure and make orgasm possible. If the brain is not aroused, it cannot process sexual stimulation, so the genitals won’t be aroused either. No orgasm.

Even more amazing, some women can orgasm just by thinking about it. Yes, it’s true! Recently I interviewed a friend of mine, Kim Airs, who can bring herself to orgasm just by thought. She calls it “thinking-off”, pun intended, I’m sure. Seriously though, some doctors in a lab put her in an MRI machine just so they could watch her brain’s response during orgasm. Look, Mom, no hands! They were amazed, as they could see her brain light up just as she was climaxing.

So, Kim is just a freak of nature right? Actually, she is not alone. Many women have mastered a technique referred to as a Breath-Energy Orgasm or a Fire Breath Orgasm.

So How do I do it?!

In Tantra practice, people use the flow of energy in the body to achieve heightened states of arousal. They do this by using their breath and channeling the energy up through their Chakras.

Chakras are wheel-like whorls of energy or “force centers” that spin from center points of the body, which are receptive to the transmission of energies.The body has seven chakras, starting at the base of the spine and go up through the head along the spinal column.

You can control the flow of energy throughout your body to experience full-body energy orgasms. An energy orgasm can be very powerful or quite subtle, depending on the amount of energy you build up. The more energy that is built up, the stronger the sensations you will receive.

Annie Sprinkle describes the experience of an energy orgasm as “electricity shooting through your entire body” leaving you “high, euphoric, and light-headed.” Energy orgasms can help woman become more orgasmic and multi-orgasmic.

How to do the Fire Breath Orgasm Technique

Begin by lying down in a comfortable position with knees bent. Breathe deeply and easily, letting tension slip out of you. Empty your mind.

Once you have established a deep, rhythmic breath, continue to deepen your breathing by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Allow your breathing to become continuous, using the circular breathing method, in which you do not pause between inhales and exhales.

As you inhale, rock your pelvis by arching the lower back. As you exhale, thrust the pelvis and hips up towards the ceiling while flattening the tummy. Squeeze your PC muscle on exhale, then release on inhale to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot, while pumping sexual energy throughout the entire body. Repeat continuously, allowing yourself to feel erotic as your legs open and close loosely and naturally.

“Energy follows thought,” so as you breathe deeply imagine that you are drawing energy from “the earth/atmosphere” into your sexual center represented by the bottom Chakra: the genitals. Imagine the energy building a strong glow in the sex organs which turns into a warm fire.

Next, begin drawing that erotic fire into the 2rd Chakra which is the navel. Think of your spine as a conduit for directing that energy through your body. Feel the energy build in the navel until it begins to glow strongly as well. Imagine the energy traveling from your genitals to your navel and back again in a complete, circular circuit. Once you have stabilized the flow, draw the energy to your 3rd Chakra the solar plexus and back down to your groin, building that energy into a glowing fire. Continue this up the body/spine to the following 4th Chakra, the heart, circulating the energy from belly to heart. Continue breathing, rocking your pelvis and squeezing the PC muscle.

As you build up the energy and move it to the 5th Chakra, the throat, allow sexual sounds and moans to release from your throat. If the sounds do not come automatically, consciously makes sounds as it opens the throat energy. Keep circulating up through the Chakras, until you feel the energy move up to the Third Eye or 6th Chakra. Again build this energy as before allowing the energy to circulate from the throat to the third eye and back again.

Finally, continue pulling the energy up through your body until it reaches your 7th and final Chakra, the cranium or top of the head. Draw the energy up through the genitals, through the body and spine, up into the crown and back in a continuous cycle, expanding outward from your root center (the genitals) in a sphere, encompassing your entire being, until you feel that energy shooting out of the top of your head like a fountain of water.

You may feel a floating sensation or feel your body engulfed by waves. Allow yourself to be rocked by these feelings until they dissipate. Do whatever comes natural: scream, moan, melt, laugh hysterically, float and ride the waves of orgasm. Do not be concerned if you do not experience these feelings at first as it may take more practice until you are able to accomplish a full-body orgasm.

These may sound like difficult techniques, but you can become accomplished at this and do it almost naturally with practice and visualization. Be patient and keep practicing. For some people this will be easy, while others may take years of practice until they can let go enough to release those energies. But if you really want to learn how to “think-off” like Kim Airs, then the time it takes to master this technique will certainly be worth the wait.

Just think of the possibilities: on the subway, public buses, car-pooling. It would certainly make commuting to work much more interesting!

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