Top 5 - Worst game endings of recent years - Volume 2 (Spoiler alert)

Top 5 – Worst game endings of recent years – Volume 2 (Spoiler alert)

Back in 2012, we put out a Top 5 worst game endings of recent years. But of course we could never contain all the worst video game endings in a single countdown. Here are five more terrible ending on the chopping block for your pleasure.

5. BioShock – Irrational Games

While there’s simply no denying that BioShock is one of the best games ever, there’s no doubt that all three of its endings were disappointing. After the terrible final boss battle, players are practically told their moral choices meant nothing. Just like food poisoning, it’s awesome when you’re consuming the main course, but it doesn’t take long before it all turns to shit.

4. Call of Duty: Ghosts – Infinity Ward

For a series so famous for its sequel sign-posting cliffhangers, Call of Duty: Ghosts offered little more than a big fat face-palm for an ending. We’ve seen it all before, many times. Bad guy rises, bad guy gets beaten and then something utterly predictable crops up that screams sequel! This time, it’s just insulting. Will they ever get bored of being this predictable?

3. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – IO Interactive

Although Mr T ain’t gettin’ on no plane, Kane and Lynch are and it is literally all they do to bring the game to a close. After a particularly underwhelming shoot-out at a Chinese airport, it’s a race against time as the dynamic duo hop on board an airliner to make their escape. If you were expecting anything more, they’ve got their middle fingers pointed right at you. Terrible.

2. Dark Matter – InterWave Studios

We have to admit, we do feel a little bad including this one on the list on account of just how much of a failure story the project was. But whatever. The ending still sucked big time, rewarding players’ hours of adventuring with an abrupt black screen and a lazy to-be-continued wall of text. So, this is what failed Kickstarter projects look like… At least they tried, huh?

1 .Limbo of the Lost – Majestic Studios

Speaking of trying, these guys really shouldn’t have. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with your enemies gathering for a sing-song in the game’s ending. Portal 2 did it brilliantly. But this is just pathetic and extremely low quality, showing that they simply ran out of ideas. Charming? Maybe. Dreadful? Totally. This horrid ending should have stayed in Limbo.

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45 thoughts on “Top 5 – Worst game endings of recent years – Volume 2 (Spoiler alert)”

  1. COD Ghosts = Horrible as hell.
    Bioshock 1 endings = How the hell are they bad endings? Screw you.
    the King Of Limbo Thing = Screw you for playing the whole damn thing almost instead of just a little part of it. No really, that was unnecessary.

  2. #3 u can find Kane and lynch in the game hit man when you are on the mission where u need to seal your silver ballers back or out shoot the chick at the gun store u can see Kane on the far right with a shotgun and lynch appears later on but I can't remember when.

  3. I don't get why peaple hated ghosts. I loved the story, action, characthers and the ending wasn't so bad. Last of us should have been here. That ending sucked.

  4. Actually Portal 2 ending was shit also. Both in co-op and single. In single player we see a field and nothing more. My question is what the f**k Chell should do? There's no people around and she may die here alone without any food and water. This ending makes also no possibility to make Portal 3 because Chell won't be captured by GLaDOS again for sure because GLaDOS don't want her. Also co-op with and without DLC leaves you like "what the f**k". Without dlc you feel like you screwed up in single player. You saved Chell not for make her the only human on the world. With DLC player know that one bird would be renamed on Chell but nobody knows what GLaDOS is going to do with there birds (Portal 3 – you play as a… bird?).

  5. for number one in the room there is a killer croc want a be a enderman from minecraft nero black stone from bo3 zombies or he is shang sang from mortal kombat there is smegal from lord of the ring and there is a zombie from red dead remption

  6. Bioshock had a bad ending? nope, nope and a big fat NOPE! the good ending(save the little sisters) was great and really makes you feel warm inside, and the bad ending(drain the little buggers) was sadistic and cruel. what should have been there? well, off the top of my head, maybe Fable 2; leading up to it was very well done, but the final choice you make(revive all the people who died building the tower but your dog stays dead, revive your dead dog but all the innocent people who died building the tower are lost; like that matters, or money, lots and lots of money) is basically saying "be selfish, take the gold, be less selfish and revive your dog, or be selfless and revive all the random John's and Jane's who were force to build a cursed tower. basically, ultimate good, neutral, or really bad. none of your other choices mattered in the end.

  7. Ghosts has probably the most bullshit ending in the whole series. Like seriously, how can you survive a gun shot to the heart and being trapped inside a train sinking into the water???

  8. I just wanted to add that I read somewhere that Limbo of the Lost's ending counts as a Gainax one. I can see why because, even though I've seen little of the game (or maybe that's why), there's little to no explanation for the ending song.

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