Do you know the top 10 sexy female movie villains? They make bad look so good! Hollywood knows how to sell a movie. This list will be counting down the top 10 sexy female movie villains. If you put a good looking dude or a hot chick in the lead role and put them front and center in all the posters and trailers for a movie, then you’ve got a hit on your hands. For some, that’s enough. Other producers have gone the extra mile and realized that, hey, if you want a truly successful movie, then cast a good looking dude or a hot babe as the villain, too! Some of the most iconic roles that women have played were evil movie villains. You’ll also hear the same thing repeated by the female actors in many interviews: It’s fun to play the bad girl! So here are the 10 sexiest female villains in movie history.

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0:37 O-Ren Ishii – Kill Bill (Lucy Liu)
1:50 Theodora/Wicked Witch of the West – Oz the Great and Powerful (Mila Kunis)
3:02 Terminatrix (T-X) – Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (Kristanna Loken)
4:03 Dr. Julia Harris – Horrible Bosses (Jennifer Aniston)
5:11 Regina George – Mean Girls (Rachel McAdams)
6:16 Harley Quinn – Suicide Squad (Margot Robbie)
7:34 Rose Armitage – Get Out (Alison Williams)
8:51 Hela – Thor: Ragnarok (Cate Blanchett)
10:06 Catherine Tramell – Basic Instinct (Sharon Stone)
11:22 Amy Dunne – Gone Girl (Rosamund Pike)

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47 thoughts on “TOP 10 SEXY FEMALE MOVIE VILLAINS!!!”

  1. Medusa – Clash of the Titans (2010),
    Artemisia – 300: Rise of an Empire,
    Jennifer Check – Jennifer`s Body,
    Miranda Frost – Die Another Day,
    Mystique – The X-Men franchise,
    Gazelle – Kingsman: The Secret Service,
    Angel Dust – Deadpool 2,
    Talia Al Ghal and Catwoman – The Dark Knight Rises,
    Kissin Kate Barlow – Holes,


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