Top 10 India Travel Tips - MUST SEE BEFORE YOU GO! #HowToRock

Top 10 India Travel Tips – MUST SEE BEFORE YOU GO! #HowToRock

Things do go wrong in India! Travel safely in India and have a life changing experience with my top 10 travel safety, food, sickness, and money tips for India. In this video, I help you avoid sickness in India, avoid scammers and sexual harassment in India, avoid counterfeit cash, and tell you what to do if you get sick in India.

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The 10 Best Essential India Travel Tips:

1. Get to your hotel safely: book an airport pickup.
2. Take a guide for the first few days.
3. Be assertive with scammers and touts.
4. Don’t be overly friendly with men.
5. Don’t drink the water.
6. Check for counterfeit money.
7. Learn to bargain and bargain upfront.
8. If you get sick in India, go to a doctor straight away.
9. Don’t let doctors overprescribe you pills.
10. Wear a mask to beat the pollution.

Sexual Harassment in India

See Indian scammers in action


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43 thoughts on “Top 10 India Travel Tips – MUST SEE BEFORE YOU GO! #HowToRock”

  1. Karl there's this important caveat which you forgot to mention,these things apply when you're traveling the North Indian states around Delhi, Rajasthan,Madhya Pradesh etc…you shouldn't come off that rude while traveling in South India or the Himalayan regions ,where people usually mean what they say without trying to con you…for instance in Tamil Nadu if you don't approach the locals politely they probably won't help you out with anything… strength often rudeness is respected in the North while Politeness is valued in the South.

  2. Some recommendations I can put down-
    1- Please book your hotels online, well in advance. Request the hotel to send you an airport pick up. If they don’t have, use Uber. If I can use Uber in Houston then anyone can.
    2- Food- do not indulge on street food. Do not have spicy food. Stick to good restaurants, download Zomato to know the restaurant ratings. You will find McDonalds or KFC everywhere. Let’s face it, we Indians too face food problems when overseas. That’s when we either cook ourselves or rely on McDonalds or KFC.
    3- If you ( Foreigners) want to buy antique or any articrafts, look out for government owned retail shops. Please google to find the right shops.
    4- Always use the hotel shuttle, avoid local transport.
    5- For the Interest of safety for the women, please do not wear revealing clothes. You can buy salwar kameez or Kurtis and wear them. Revealing clothes are best suited for places like Goa.
    6- Last and foremost, trust your Instincts. If you feel something’s not right, escape. Keep your local embassy number in hand. Expect least support from the local police.

  3. Don't worry guys, not all kiwis are like this guy, we don't need to make a video about what to do and not do, in a specific countrie, if you have a brain then use it and you will be safe…duhhh

  4. Best Tip for women: never ever go to Rapeestan aka incredible India! And if you are born there and are a Indian woman yourself -> then move into a Western country and marry a Wester man which respects women!

  5. Hey Karl, please do visit other parts of India as well. We love to watch your vlogs on South and north east part of India.
    Definitely you will be having different experience in these parts.

  6. Hey Karl
    I watched some of your videos.In one of your videos you mentioned you pretended that you don't understand Hindi when the cops caught you while you were breaking rules… Doesn't that make you scammer..I am not supporting wrong people,but since you have arrived India,you are busy in finding faults,I guess you are just making money from you tube by uploading these stupid videos..Stop insulting people and please enjoy your trip.Every place has good and bad people.And ya just for your reminder that policemen were nice people so they let you go..

  7. Try a Turbaned man less likely for you to get scammed!! but I’m not sure cuz can’t gurantee human nature!!! but give it a try since your making videos on such topics!

  8. Delhi is the worst city in India.If you want to travel to India visit Northeast, West Bengal and South India.Most Northeastern and South Indian people speaks English.Mumbai is the most modern city in India and safe too.

  9. Hey Karl, does the survivor guide cover what type of currency I should carry? i ask because when i travel to foreign countries I never know what type of money to carry?

  10. I agree. One has to be super rude and mean to avoid those scammers approaching you.
    I was trying to be friendly when I first landed in India few years back, but I was constantly being approached by strangers who eventually wanted to sell you something or bring you to somewhere.
    Sooner I learn to just ignore them and not to look or speak to them. And it works.

  11. Looks like you are demeaning and defaming my country , Their are many good side of my nation which you are not showing in your videos and purposely showing one sided content , For me you are the real scammer .
    Lastly …
    'You are what you perceive.'

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