Top 10 Dumb Marvel Super Powers - Part 2

Top 10 Dumb Marvel Super Powers – Part 2

Top 10 Dumb Marvel Super Powers – Part 2
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45 thoughts on “Top 10 Dumb Marvel Super Powers – Part 2”

  1. now about site for his prostate Ashley dumb is quite handy but it's not how I would want myself so I understand why he will be on this list but I would like that you can translate if fiction to have the language of the godstranslate stuff like that like you be able to translate things you ain't supposed to be she did some people will I would love to have a power like that

  2. 'Made of insects' is only dorky as long as you never had to go up against a 'Worm that walks' in DnD. Thought liches were annoying and op? Try a lich made up of insects. Basicalyl no physical mass to attack, free swarm attacks every round, total control over his body shape and proportions, and if you don't manage to find the 'queen' acting as a phylactery, which doesn't have to be part of it's body, and which can cast spells on it's own, it just reforms after a good nights rest. Preeeetttyy annoying

  3. Doorman's power actually seems pretty good in my eyes. It's not as good as the door-door fruit in OnePiece but being able to access inaccessable things is always a strength.

  4. Without Cypher there would be no Krakoa nation (mutantdom) or Krakoan, mutantdom's first autochthonous language and alphabet. Cypher is the only known mutant who can communicate with the living island directly since it's language is untranslatable. Because of Cypher, all mutants have a place and paradise they can call home.

  5. Y all dropped the ball on this one. these are all pretty dope super powers… gotta have a little imagination. This chick obviously isn't really passionate about comics and it makes me question all of your host. Super fail 😕

  6. Cypher's ability is amazing. Do not downplay it. His power is not limited to spoken and written languages. He can translate body language and intended meanings when people speak literal words. He can translate digital codes as well. He also has a knack for stating things in ways that individual people can clearly understand, in such a way that nothing gets lost to translation.

  7. Jubilee I heard is a potential omega mutant cause she can burst atoms on a nuclear level, which is basically the Atomic bomb when you destroy an atom that much energy and explosion is released I heard.

  8. Jubilee actually has the ability to make plasma blast, down to the small fireworks. She just got dumber down after the redid and added her to the cartoon. But in the comics shes really tough and can be deadly and explosive.

  9. Cypher is not useless. He's able to communicate with Krakoa the living island when nobody could. He is now able to read body language and able to fight combatants.

  10. Kitty Pride- Ik she isn’t that useless but in the movies all the charecters see her as this extremely powerful superhero that can do anything, when really all she can do is walk through walls

  11. What if doorman lays down?
    Also, I guess doormans powers could be used pretty usefully in a street fight situation. All he has to do is back up to a wall, and then he'll become intangible. Also (I'm not sure if it works like this) if he takes his back away from he wall whilst something is going through him, does that things get chopped? If so, then his power is actually pretty cool.

  12. google isnt always that good for translating languages. most of the time i have to translate 1 word at a time and thats not good and not just cause its annoying. some languages like french mix up the words in sentences like hot and dog in hot dog making it dog hot in french. and some translations have more than 1 result. and knowing marvel and dc, there might be languages that google doesnt know about and there might be times when using a cell phone isnt an option like traveling back in time to before satellites were invented, or scuba diving to an aquatic city

  13. Okay I went through the 1st two Super Powers…and instead of Dumb Powers, I just get Dumb Opinions. Wow. God forbid someone get powers that are useful and are creative!! Writers should only stick to Traditional Powers like Shooting Fireballs and such!! UGh.

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