TL;DR - Worst Mistake in Korea

TL;DR – Worst Mistake in Korea

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Our worst mistakes in Korea tend to be bad restaurant decisions. This time, we went to a restaurant, pointed to what looked like chicken, and instead got chewy pig skin. That was a while ago. I think now we’d be willing to try it again, but back then it scared us.

Also, we have another weird restaurant story, but it’s too long for the video, so check it out in our blog post, linked above 😀

Thanks to B1A4 Chile for the Spanish subs! Woot!

Thanks to Viviane Portuguese Subs!


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  1. I hate when a restaurant finds out I don't like the food. I would've gone through the same gauntlet to avoid them knowing what I had done. I once ordered some bibim naeng myeon at a restaurant and it was way too sweet for me. I tried to eat as much as I could, but it just grossed me out. I ended up ordering mandu afterwards, getting full and telling the waitress "Ohh, I ate too much. And the food is so good too! That's too bad." But she just side-eyed me and was like " Who gets full off 6 mandu and half a bowl of bibim naeng myeon?" D-:

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