TL;DR - Jjimjilbangs and Bath Houses in Korea

TL;DR – Jjimjilbangs and Bath Houses in Korea

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TL;DR – Simon doesn’t like seeing guys blowdry their crotches, while Martina loves going to mokgyoktangs!

Thanks to B1A4 Chile for the Spanish subs! Woot!

Thanks to Viviane for the Portuguese Subs!


31 thoughts on “TL;DR – Jjimjilbangs and Bath Houses in Korea”

  1. i wonder if that's where the jersey shore guys got their crotch deo-ing habit from 🙂  but they use toxic staff like axe, so i'm pretty sure it's partially crab prevention 🙂

  2. i don't think i'd mind the crotch blowdrying and the perfuming much.  as long as they don't go around braiding one another's pubic hair, i'd be fine 🙂

  3. I have been to a Korean Spa in New Jersey with my boyfriend. They also had the separate bath houses for men and women and then an area to meet up. He said that he also saw a bunch of Korean men using the blow dryer on themselves. Apparently this is what men use blow dryers for.

  4. Lol Simon complaining about guys blow-drying their crotches, I've seen that happen in gyms before in north america/europe. Never where it's widespread like a lot of people doing it but every once in a while there's that one guy that's a little too comfortable standing in front of the mirror drying out his pubes in public. So it's not just a korean thing XD

  5. Quick question! Is an italy towel better than say a loofah for wanting to take off dead skin? Please respond! I've noticed using a loofah just doesn't get me as clean as I want to…

  6. There's a Korean bath/spa in northern Virginia that I went to once a few years ago. I don't mind being nakers around other nakers people but first I didn't know what to do with my shoes, and then I got scolded by an old Korean lady for being in a closed-off showering area (I didn't know the 2 small rinsing rinsing tubs in front meant it was closed off). I for one do not enjoy being scolded by old ladies particularly while nakers it's just not my kink. But the overall experience was very relaxing and fun, and there were all kinds of steam rooms.

  7. I went to the japenese version when I went to Sapporo and after the initial shock (I went with my host family and they said we where going to a spa…XD) It was really nice! I like my bath bone melting hot so I was in heaven 😛

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