tiktok, the female gaze, & Kevin

tiktok, the female gaze, & Kevin

This may be the fastest 15 seconds of fame I have seen out of TikTok yet. Kevin made a video to Justin Bieber’s song Boyfriend of him “chekcing you out at a party”. Quickly, women flooded his comment sections saying he truly understood the female gaze and how he was so hot…then they went through his other videos. Let’s talk about the female gaze and the fall of Kevin.

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33 thoughts on “tiktok, the female gaze, & Kevin”

  1. Hey, so the early discourse on TikTok about the "Female Gaze" was as a direct opposite to the "Male Gaze".In fact, I do recall that many of the women who were originally using the term were purposefully expanding on the definition that is present in current literature. Before the term Female Gaze was widely discussed, the Male Gaze was dissected, particularly as it pertained to how men perceive attractiveness. Women started pointing out the way that the Male Gaze affected not only portrayal (and ideals) of female attractiveness and male attraction, but also the portrayal (and ideals) of male attractiveness and female attraction. That men assume the peak of attractiveness they must achieve is one of muscle-ly male model status. Even further; there was a tendency in many romantically-bitter men to assume that they were not getting a partner because they had not achieved attractiveness instead of it being any other possibility, specifically personality. This fundamental misunderstanding of what is found "traditionally" attractive to women led women to try and explicate what attraction is to them. And thus the term Female Gaze was born. A mesh of the typical definition of being through the lens of women, but changing who the lens has to concentrate on. Women used the term to explicate the way they view attractiveness (hetero-wise) and that it has much less to do with baseline hotness and instead often has more to do with confidence, etc. I hope that was clear, I can clear up any questions asked.

  2. Sometimes the straight women I’m friends with will turn to me and say “he’s so attentive” about men we walk by and i just respond with baffled laughter every time, like if you say so girl 😂

  3. I feel like the "female gaze" being used in this way just goes back to a circular logic of centering men. Like, to put it in an internet-feminist way, it fails the Bechdel test. Also it erases the lesbian experience just like the male gaze purposefully erases gay men's experiences of sexual attraction
    Edit: misspelled "bechdel" and other errors

  4. if you want a good (short) academic read that really explains male gaze and how women get whisked around it Susan Bordo's "Beauty (re)discovers the male body" breaks it down really well. If you google it its available online with photos. Her book explores male beauty and the question of what is NECESSARY for a woman to even feel comfortable objectifying the male body the way a heterosexual man objectifies a woman. She ties it into gay consumers a lot which might seem overbearing but it is because in a lot of cases there is this mistaken idea that women don't weigh arousal into consumerism so a lot of risque media coded for women is actually covering an intentional targeting of a gay audience without dealing with homophobia (Playgirl is a massive exam

    That's a TLDR, honestly I never heard of the female gaze being used the way you are talking about but I assume the theory is newer and I'm out of touch. That issue of women essentially being manipulated into consuming other women within a culture that markets to attract the male gaze and the way is messes with your perception of self (you are entering a position where you're being sold women as objects to sexualize not humans to connect with) was always just within the umbrella of the male gaze, unless it's a discussion on lesbian gazes.

    All of it really is a very interesting topic and the trend Bordo discusses can be seen into antiquity. We are all behind computer screens now which does change things but we still tend to consume the same kind of thing. IDK, I think a good test would be to find some pictures that really get your blood running then read the article and see how accurate she is. She's pretty spot on for me personally

  5. Honestly I have no empathy for this guy especially after he made fun of multiple black women in a racist way after they made videos on how he’s not attractive to them. Jarvis Johnson even noted that and how shitty it was.

  6. I’m very very attracted to males and I was confused as fuck when I saw the video🥴🥴 and when I got it I was weirded out by the amount of girls and women praising him because like….WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT…”the is is what women like”……”he gets it” ???? But to be honest part of me wasn’t that surprised because for some reasons I noticed a pattern where guys with the vibes he gives off get a lot of thirst comments on tiktok. + btw you look so beautiful in this video!😳❤️

  7. I have a theory…perhaps some people misinterpret their fight or flight response as attraction? Because Kevin’s video gave me goosebumps, my body felt hot and my stomach felt unsettled. Every time I watched it I felt the same response. I don’t find Kevin attractive, but I watched it quite a few times trying to figure out why I was having a physiological reaction to the eye thing. In hindsight I think it was some kind of predator/prey response from my hindbrain. 😅

  8. I think the key factor you may be missing is that a lot of the girls posting comments and duetting The tick tok saying that they like this is just an attempt to get goofy dudes who identify with that guy to go and pay for their only fans

  9. Ok i may be Bi as hell, but Kevin's vids definitely reminded me that im only attracted to specific kinds of cis men <.< like yeah no that first vid made me uncomfortable and brain was saying "danger somethings up" and also wanting to gtfo cause the vibe I got was an awkward dude who is like REALLY into transwomen (in a very much not fun way).
    Also still dying of laughter from the dude at 8:45 because he somehow pulled the look of an anime character milliseconds from going fully insane. Like zoom in on the forehead and everything! Dont know how he did it without the fisheye effect but like damn this is art.

  10. I don't find him attractive and I don't get his gaze thing. To me, he looked like he was switching between murderer and normal person. I considered myself straight so I'm immensely confused now.

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