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Three Volcanic Ways to Make a Girl Explode With Orgasmic Pleasure

Listen, dude – I know you must be thinking sex is sex, right? Wrong.

Most girls know the difference between boring, good and great sex, so you should too. In fact, it’s almost a given that you should know what exactly you need to do to make a woman fall deeper in love with you through love making. If not, there are a lot of horrible things that could happen.

Firstly, an unsatisfied woman can easily fall prey to other men’s wiles. Secondly, a woman who can’t feel emotional during sex would crave for that kind of connection that she often reads about in her romance novels. So take my advice and learn the skills you need to make yourself the only guy in her life. With great love making skills, making yourself unforgettable to a woman is fairly easy…

Three Volcanic Ways To Make A Girl Explode With Orgasmic Pleasure

#1: Make her relax. Women who have a lot of stuff in their minds won’t feel pleasure regardless of what you do or how skilled you think you are. Considering this, you have to extend your comfort building game up until the lovemaking phase of your relationship if you want to really hook the girl into staying with for a long time. It is a little known fact that women will NOT be able to orgasm if they’re not comfortable. Put her at ease by speaking soothing words and touching her tenderly.

#2: “Your Lips on Her Hot Spot”. Kissing her on her sensitive areas will definitely increase the likelihood of a fast orgasm. Suppress your own desires for a moment and just concentrate on kissing her on her most sensitive places. If you can do this every time you make love, you will make her feel that you care about her pleasure more than yours, and that’s always a turn on.

#3: Emotional Lovemaking. For most women, sex is an intensely emotional affair so you have to make sure you can touch her emotionally and mentally during sex. Tell her she’s beautiful, and show that you’re deriving pleasure just by looking and touching her to make her feel like a diva. If you make her emotionally “invested” in you through sex, you will bring her to climax many times over.

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