Thoth- Amon character out line

Thoth- Amon character out line

Warning!!! This is really dark and Messed up but his back story is one that might make most people feel sick. The reason its so bad as because he is a Monster but its for this reason that win doing his back story I felt I needed to show how something like him is made.

Name: Thoth-Amon

Nickname: Thothy

Reason for Nickname: His secret girl friend Wasurenagusa / Nox calls him that.

Age: around 300

Gender: Man

Place of birth: Finland

Places lived since: Hell, Realm
of nightmares in the world of dreams, Earth France Modern Times.

Parents’ names, backgrounds, occupations: Nobles of the kingdom

Number of siblings: 1

Relationship with family: Very Close he Ate them so they are all ways with him.

Happiest memory: Eating his Little sister and no longer being hungry.

Childhood trauma: His Mother Sold him and his sister to demons for undying Beauty.

Nationality: Scandinavian

Disabilities: has no Concept of right or wrong.

Health: Very Sick both in health and in Mind.

Level of education: Learned powerful Dark Magic from his demon step mother/ first girl friend/ dinner. He all so learned that the most powerful man would never bow to any one and the stars would be his.

Level of self esteem: High

Gifts/talents: Dark Magic, Making Love, Music, and Charming Viewers with his good looks.

Shortcomings: He Has none if you ask him after all he is the dark lord.

Artistic?: He learned to play and sing Music by the his Demon step mother / first girl. Some would say he can enchant a man or woman in to doing any thing his song wishes.

Mathematical?: He is very good at counting Bodies.

Makes decisions based mostly on emotions, or on logic: Logic after all he is trying to take the very stars with his own hand.

Life philosophy: Life is only there for you if you take it by your own hands so I will take it all and more.

Religious stance: he dose Believe in the gods but only because he may be the only mortal to make them fear him.

Cautious or daring?: Oh come on every one knows he is to sexy to be Cautious.

Most sensitive about/vulnerable to: Being Beaten by a young Boy named Edgar Allan Poe.

Extrovert or introvert?: Extrovert he is to sexy to be a shut in.

Level of comfort with technology: If its pushing button he is really good at pushing yours.

Current marital/relationship status: Not Married yet any ladies looks for a big strong Evil man?

Sexual orientation: Girls of all ages as long as they are Hot!

Past relationships: Well hard to count win he was in the human world he just took what ever he wanted and in the dream World he had a little thing with a girl he made in to his Slave.

Primary reason for being broken up with: Well he really is a bad Person. And most do not have a choice in wither they want to be with or not… Lords just give commands.

Primary reasons for breaking up with people: He gets Board with them.

Level of sexual experience: Well I would have to say he could right his own books on the subject seeing as his Demon step mother / First Girl friend spent 4 years teaching him every thing.

Story of first kiss : after he gave in to his hunger and started to Eat his dead sister a Beautiful demon let the little boy out of the cage they had placed them in for sport. After letting him out he was held for a long time and she taught him how to kiss… I guess something she thought every 8 year old needs to know.

Story of loss of virginity (if any–if not, how does he/she want it to happen, if at all?): About 4 Years after his Demon step mother had taken him out of the cage she had grown very found of him maybe a little to found of him for she had him all ways sleep with her and one night well she was teaching him how to kiss something more happened.

A social person: His Step Mother made him the Shining Spot light of Hell all the young Demon girls would do what ever he commanded and the young men would do his bidding no matter what the cost.

Most comfortable around (person): Lenore For win he had her in his control never before had he as so much fun toying with a slave.

Oldest friend: His Demon Sword for with it he had lead a Army
on the Kingdom of The Gods.

How does he think others perceive him?: Mighty. Powerful, Sexy!

How do others actually perceive him?: Evil, Mean, Powerful, so Sexy!

Profession: Rock Band Back up Singer and 2nd Rock Guitar player.

Past occupations: Dark Lord of the Nightmare Realm, King of the Dammed on Earth.

Passions: Looking for ways to become more powerful.

Attitude towards current job: Loves it.

Phobias: Rainbows

Life goals: Placing every thing under his control even the Gods.

Dreams: Owning all the girls in the stars.

Greatest fears: Being Helpless at the mercy of some one week and frail Like a little girl with Pink Hair.

Most ashamed of: Losing to Young Edgar Allan Poe he won with only a Pin against Thoth-Amon’s might.

Most embarrassing thing ever to happen to her: Being Deceived by a slave and feed tainted fear.

Obsessions: Controlling others

Secret hobbies: Singing Show Tunes.

Secret skills: Dancing Sexy.

Crimes committed (and was he/she caught? Charged?): OH That is a long list of class 1 Crimes any and all he has done it.. oh hell they made laws after seeing the bad things he dose.

What he most wants to change about his current life: He wants more Power to Control the Pink haired Girl he likes the power she has over the public.

What he most wants to change about his physical appearance: nothing he knows you want him he is HOT!

Favorite food: His Demon Step Mother.

Least favorite food: Candy

Favorite book: Book of the Dead

Least favorite book: Bible

Favorite movie: Battle Royale… A movie were Innocent Children are sent to a Island and forced to play a game were they have to kill each other to keep living.

Least favorite movie: Friend Ship Is Magic "My Little Pony… Riley likes to Watch it with him… He can not say no to her.

Coffee or tea: Tea

Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?: Crunchy

Lefty or righty?: Both

Favorite color: Black as his Step. Mothers / First gril friends eyes.

Smoker? Drinker? Drug user?: He loves Drugs he has been knewn to use them and all so used them on Lenore to Control her in to being more Obedient to his Might.

Biggest regret: Losing the war to the hands of the Angels… he Hates the Angels for stopping him.

Pets?: Only the girls he has made his Saves.

Thoth-Amon a young 7 year old boy born to a noble family that had everything well all most everything… His mother was offered to live forever as a young beautiful girl for all time and the only thing the demon wanted was just her Children not to much to ask. Well she did not even think about it she sold both her boy and girl off to the demon. The demons Placed Thoth-Amon and his sister in to cages and used them to fights and kill or be killed in there sick fighting arena of Children they had bought of stolen from around the world. As the only reword the children would get is they would get to eat the ones they killed making it so they would not feel hungry. After a Year he faced a girl in the Arena and the two thought as if the only reason to live was to kill. Thoth-Amon won the fight… But as he started to eat he noticed throw the matted mess of hair and blood stained clothing it was his… sister.

After this fight a Beautiful Demon that had watched Thoth-Amon for some time and after seeing him eat his sister she had paid for him to be released to her for she had fallen in love with the dark boy and wanted him for her own. Thoth-Amon did not know what to so for she was so Beautiful and yet the first things she wished to Teach him was how to kiss. After 4 years they wore much more than Mother and Son they wore more like Girl Friend and Boy Friend. She showered him with power gifts girls, men slaves any thing his heart wanted as long as he was good and kept his heart dark for her. But that was no longer what he wanted… the now young Man at 16 wanted Power and he Killed his Demon Step Mother and ate of her taken in her power to him self. And powerful he did become but he knew that this was only a faction of the power he wanted. And to get the power he wanted he would have to devour the gods! But First things first. He headed back to the world he was born too to settle one thing that he felt he needed to settle. After he Killed his Human father and than used his Charms on his Human Mother he charmed his way in to her heart the hole time her never knowing that he was her son. But seeing as she stayed Beautiful and young were he was now 16 none would know who he was but him. And it was said the Noble lady was very Taken with him and Married him and gave him command over the lands and armies under their care. And on the wedding night before killing her he told her who he was and that he loved her before she had thrown him and his sister away.
Now with the power of the Demons and Armies of Humans he set to take the Gods and brought the world to the war of Power and for the first time the Gods feared a Human Man. The fighting was long and raged on for 5 years but in the end the Angels won and Thoth-Amon fled in to the realm of Nightmares for he know if he was to Die than his Spirit would be Judged for his crimes and he could not face the Consequences of his Actions. With in the realm of dreams there is no time so thoth-Amon could live forever and never have to die and face the judgment for any dark deed he did or dose.

After he Enslaved the children of the realm of nightmares he Killed them for they did not wish to follow his commands and so he took a much weaker Child girl from the borders of Sweet dreams and Nightmares. But as any one knows this tail it ended in Thoth-Amon being defeated by a young Magical Boy named Edgar Allan Poe that used the power of his Writing to over power Thoth-Amon.

Now 279 Years later he finds him self back with in the Human world but the time is different and the people strange magic is gone and a new world lays before him one of Machines and the wars is not for power but for freedom. The Sword has been laid down and the Gun has been taken up. Will our dark lord find his place with in this new world are the ruler or will he be forced to repent for his crimes at the hands of a darling Pink Haired Rock Star Child.

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