The WEIRDEST Christmas Special Ever (Ft. TOO MANY GUESTS!)

The WEIRDEST Christmas Special Ever (Ft. TOO MANY GUESTS!)

Happy Holidays and Merry Fever Dream to you all! Come, celebrate the last Your Show of the year with us and all the amazing friends who stopped by to cherish the season and engage in yuletide shenanigans. Our X-mas dreams would come true if you considered supporting at

We’re going on tour and we’d love to see you there!

Saturday January 18: San Fransisco; Sketchfest (WITH SOME OF OUR HEROES, CHRIS AND PAUL SHOW):

Monday January 20: Denver; Comedy Works:

Tuesday January 21: Salt Lake City; Wise Guys Comedy:

Wednesday January 22: Spokane; Spokane Comedy Club:

Thursday January 23: Tacoma; Tacoma Comedy Club:


Bree @Breeesrig
Sonja @omgitsfirefoxx
Alana @lovealanachan
Candace @candacesucks
Cib @notcib
James @jamesdeangeliz
Brock @brockbaker
Anthony Carboni @acarboni
Jesus: @gracehelbig
Sexy Satan: You know where to find him in your heart
Shoot/Edit: @pakkap_

OUR EDITOR MADE A WHOOPSIE and overlooked some of our patrons in the credits!
A thank you to these extra folks who help make this possible!
D. Lee Rogers
Dalton Thatcher
Daniel Phillips
Daniel Wilt
Danielle Knoll
David Fleming
David Richards
Davis Hutson
Dechlan Walker

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23 thoughts on “The WEIRDEST Christmas Special Ever (Ft. TOO MANY GUESTS!)”

  1. DIE HARD IS NOT A CHRISTMAS MOVIE. It’s like saying Forrest Gump is a Lyndon B Johnson movie. Just because there’s a detail about the film doesn’t mean that detail becomes the movie’s overall premise and identity. Don’t try to prove me wrong because I won’t budge on this…like the Man-child I am lol.

  2. its really nice to see them having old sf hosts on thevallyfolk. its good to see that this thing they all had in common kindof allowed them to be friends with these people, that they may have never worked with. I hope in the future the thing with lee will be moved past and even she can return. it may not ever happen, but its my christmas wish.

  3. Lol imagine showing up as a guest and having a good conversation with Steve and Elliott, then going home all excited to see your own segment on the show only to have your ENTIRE scene be cut over with audio of Joe peeing.

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