The Viral Podcast Ep. 62

The Viral Podcast Ep. 62

Chelcie Lynn and Paige Ginn talk about TVP non-listeners, FMK, telepathy, 72 hr rock bottom, one appetizer forever, getting tested, cheaters, would you rathers, truck drivers, gas station snacks, DNA discoveries and much more!!

442-777-3331 (Advice/Confess/Anything)
Thank you so much for listening!

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32 thoughts on “The Viral Podcast Ep. 62”

  1. The cop who did that is a perfect example of a straight dude who is so scared to be gay. So many that hmu are just like that. The used condom was prob from a dude.

    Fr this sadly is normal dudes who wanna be gay have a natural urge that are too scared so resort to secrecy.

    Brett knows what I’m taking about haha jk

  2. Number one yes it's gross to pee in a diaper because you need to clean yourself you do not want a UTI. Number two I have worked in geriatrics for 22 years so people pissing themselves won't even phase me. If you just say you're pissing that would just feel like a normal day to me LOL have a good one happy holidays podcast love you guys.

  3. Chelcie, I'm an ear plugs every nighter as well! I started wearing them because my dogs would be licking their bholes loudly and waking me up. Now that same dog will eat my ear plugs if I don't put them up somewhere. Yard used to be full of neon green ear plugs….

  4. That cop who hid his dildos that he use don himself and jizzed in his own mouth must've been gay or something that's just so wild. Nothing wrong with him being gay, I'm just saying. That situation is cray 😂

  5. Hey Paige, you should get your thyroid checked. I got stuck on a cruise when the bloodgates opened. It was like the elevator scene in The Shining. Turns out I had thyroid disease. So, you may wanna look into it, hunnies.

  6. I love watching this with my brother. He’s just in the backseat busting out laughing. He said y’all are a national treasure 😂 Love ya hunnies. Hooooyeeeaaaahhh

  7. Well hey there hunnies 🦄 speaking of asking Greg what he thinks about mullets, you know that first test when you start seeing someone…reminds me of when I gave my now fiance a plant, just to see if he could keep it alive 😂

  8. If I could say something to all 7.8 billion people I'd say "Hey hunnies, me here" lol just so everyone would have that stuck in their head and would begin every sentence with "hey hunnies ….." LOL

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