The Ultra Sexy Mercedes AMG GT R

The Ultra Sexy Mercedes AMG GT R

Meg’s Apathetic Review may need to change it’s name as she clearly was not apathetic about the Mercedes Benz AMG GT R. It turns out that Meg really likes the GTR. However she won’t let me buy one.

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47 thoughts on “The Ultra Sexy Mercedes AMG GT R”

  1. You have to teach Meg on how to adjust the seat and steering column properly. If she does it well her hands will be naturally on the right position while grabbing the steering, you won't even have to tell her thats where she has to grab it. 😅😰 She might feel uncomfortable at first but she will get used to it eventually. 😰🤐
    It makes me uncomfortable seeing her driving such a powerful cars and hold the steering the way she does. Its actually dangerous! 🙏
    Still, I like to see her reviews a lot. Keep them coming!
    Please! Don't misunderstand me! ⛪🆘🆘🆘

  2. Nothing but facts the whole video and she echoed a lot of you sentiments. Turns out she's apathetic to the Lambos and Ferraris but the Benz gave her a full on lady boner 😄

  3. Finally! Wifey has been hoping for this😀

    EDIT: Wifey totally agrees with Meg on what kind of sexy it is – hence why she wanted one I guess. Also, of all the cars I've driven and we have owned, I think the green GTR is the one car that has gotten the most compliments, and this by quite the margin. Everyone thinks it's beautiful, even people who like Meg normally could care less about anything exotic car related.

  4. OK!!!!…. I’m telling my girlfriend that I have it on good authority that my truck doesn’t have to scream like a bitch to sound good!!!…😎.
    Any arguments…I’m moving to Texas!

  5. Dan a suggestion. Coat the car with Gyeon Matte Evo ceramic coating. I did it and it is absolutely stunning. It retains the satin finish and original colour, but brings out the colour change and depth even more. Also, it's sooooo much easier to clean. Just a suggestion🙂

    Hint. That's a great Xmas prezzy for Meg. She won't have to buy it, and it's still her car😏

  6. Meg is really awesome. However, if you show the Hell Green Magno GT R to any woman they will tell you that it is the sexiest most beautiful car they have ever seen. Thank you for all your amazing posts!

  7. I’m not really into Mercedes but the Gt is beautiful. It reminds me of the elegant sports cars and luxury cars of the 1920s and 30s because of it’s really long hood. Edit* funny Meg brought up Art Deco right after I wrote this comment.

  8. Love it….only thing I would say is the solarbeam yellow is the best colour but green is nice too …in the UK think there was only 5 solar beam made…and I have one by far the best car I have ever owned😍keep up the good work guys

  9. Back in 2005 my friend in Florida a heart surgeon bought a new 2005 or 06 SLR MB in silver. He and I would cruise the beaches together on weekends. We would laugh and scratch our heads that my $60,000 2002 red GTS Dodge Viper would always seem to be the crowd favorite over His $400k SLR… Too funny!
    He traded it in for a big loss in 2012. The swing up doors on it looked neat but kinda not practical 🌞

  10. Nice point of view. We need more women expressing their feeling about a car on youtube, technical stuff is great, but feelings are way above when considering a car. Well done.

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