the tiktok gamers are mad

the tiktok gamers are mad

With the wide array of content and topics covered on TikTok, it’s no surprise users take interest in characters and games they had never previously interacted with. But when women start raving about how hot and cool Simon “Ghost” Riley from COD MW2 is? The gamer bois get mad.

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33 thoughts on “the tiktok gamers are mad”

  1. me lauging at a joke, but than remembering im traumatized so i cant enjoy shit, so i decide to throw out my hobbies and my beloved cats, because im traumatized so im not allowed to have joy or love.

    (dumbest take ever i swear ghsigsggsgaahhahaha)

  2. The guys complaining about ghost’s babygirlification are the same ones making weird fetish edits of ‘Straight Girl™️’ Ellie Williams from The Last of Us Series. EVEN THOUGH THE CHARACTER IS CANONICALLY A LESBIAN🧍‍♀️

  3. some guys want a gamer girlfriend, some guys only game because they're guys and it's the only thing they can do socially with other men. the only way to hang out with another man on the phone is through games, and the only way to talk to other men about your life and feelings is through a podcast. that's why, while a lot of youtube channels are with co-workers, if some guys have a podcast with each other they are essentially best men at each other's wedding. Women are talkers, and men are do-ers, so if you want to talk as a man, you basically need an excuse.

  4. I'm going on a ski trip in january and I was wondering why I was seeing so many skull masks when I searched "women's balaklava." Now I know. I understand both sides, because I play league of legends and basically when Arcane came out at first it was normal film buffs, but eventually their were just yuri fangirls, which is in my opinion the most self-righteous simp on the planet. As a fujoshi, I am at least self-aware, but the caitlyn/Vi fanbase was completely unhinged and they were like "if. you. do. not. write. lemon. in. your. fanfiction. you. are. homophobic." I was incredibly annoyed with people who were like turning their fave characters into baby girls, when the character is so much better than that. Like, what if this ex-con and cop from a fictional magical universe at the brink of war were just two girls from michegan. I find it absolutely vile to lobotomize a whole character like that. It's not me being homophobic, I just don't want any part in your crappy au.

  5. The guys not really wanting a Gamer Girl comment is so true and it boggles the mind every time. Because I’ve loved video games since I was very young. And almost every girl I’ve ever been friends with has owned a console of some kind. A lot of them still game now as adults. The concept of women not liking video games is just archaic. And a lot of guys have gotten pissed at me over the years for knowing the lore better then them not just about games but about books/shows etc. But because I sit on the spectrum if I love something like my immediate reaction is to learn about it as much as possible and commit that shit to memory. A lot of this is why I don’t play a lot of online multiplayers. I’ll stick to my solo RPGs thanks

  6. Yeah pretty much. I was made aware of Ghost by a TikTok and I knew nothing about him. It was kind of funny. And then uptight men got upset and I doubled down out of spite. Long story short, I am now hyperfixated on Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

  7. I think they have tactical looking accessories because techwear, and it's cousins, is a hot style right now (especially on TikTok). If I have my fashion history correct, it is an evolution of Japanese Streetwear and one of the sub-styles is even called "warcore".

  8. Honestly I’ve been playing cod since the very start of the franchise and I can honestly not even give a care less. I care for none of it when it comes to someone finding a character attractive or not. I think everyone blew it over to much. Ghost is hilarious! Yeah it’s sad where it stems from but dude it’s not real life. Also I have a gamer fiancé we enjoy playing together any game cause yeah there’s always I want that “gamer gf” but they’re not ready to get trashed talk by someone they have to sleep in the same bed with and take the L from a one on one . Just sayin 😌 also!! This game is the prequel to original mw2 where he still ends up dying. Sorry

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