The Space Exploration Retrospective

The Space Exploration Retrospective

In this video, I tell you how I really feel.


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  1. Thanks for the feedback and the caveat that it’s in alpha/experimental. People usually assume that the mod is near finished, but really large sections of the mod are in a placeholder state waiting for that section to be overhauled. Fortunately most of the things you dislike are placeholder content. I’ll try to summarise some of the current roadmap.
    Most of the real “exploration” content will be added quite late (0.8 or later), because it needs to fit around the activities and capabilities of the player at various points in the game and I want those to be better defined first. Exploration is also content-heavy over systems-heavy, so it is something I can get contributors to help with but the other systems need to be more solid first. For example the ruins, things keep breaking when the mod changes so I really want to have the other systems stable before adding more exploration content. Exploration is also mixed in with some things that will happen with a robot faction. The mod already has a lot of PvP features (like meteor defence shooting enemy delivery cannon projectiles, umbrella vs energy beaming, etc) and the robot faction is intended to give you a way to fight with (or make peace with) an enemy with similar inter-surface capabilities and weapons.
    In 0.6 the biggest limitation is the temporary planets system. Currently all planets are one planet type that has a random climate and random resources, there’s nothing really “designed” about their experience beyond processing 1 resource. Version 0.7 has a lot of different planet types and each one will have more intentional gameplay. That’s not just environmental challenges and unique terrain, but also a decided set of available resources that can be used together for a local factory. Where 0.6 has 1 main resource with a linear process + some random (often useless) secondary resources; 0.7 will have a primary resource and some guaranteed secondary ones that are not just used for processing the main resource but also to make local science. (And yes, that literally does include lakes of sulfuric acid for specific planets). Some planet types will have a dedicated building (sometimes replacing a space building) which can only be built there, like a magmaworks, vitamelange arboretum, or an oceanic tower, which will also be needed for the associated science. 0.7 doesn’t have any science tiers (1-4), every science pack is named (asteroid, stellar, radiation, genetic, neural, etc), and half of them require a small base somewhere specific such as an asteroid belt or planet type. This means that roughly 40% of the current space science packs are moving to the ground so when you go to an iridium planet it’s not just a mining base, you’re also doing one of the material science packs there. This general tech structure is already in place, but the exact recipes are still in flux and something I will be trying to get more community feedback on later. There are also things like more toys from bio sciences, jump clones, reasons to go to other star systems, less grind, etc. but that’s a list too long…

  2. You can ignore spaceships and just use rockets the whole time. Rockets goes anywhere. Limiting their range would be good. That would make spaceships more useful and maybe need for colonising whole solar systems instead of just needed planets. (what if the special resources would be present or not in whole star system and you need to set multi-planet base in many systems?)

  3. 13:24 That was the first time I heard the hint of what I presume to have been your laugh and although you were already likeable it made me enjoy this series even more. Literally best possible finish. What a fun ride it was. Ok bye.

  4. This whole thing inspired me to try and beat SE sort of spoilerlessly, and I'm loving it. Have to hold your vids off until I win so its a speedrun too
    Thank you for consistent banger Factorio videos!!

  5. Oh my god that last suggestion, yes!
    I tried doing an SE run a while back and eventually abandoned it because it took so long to actually start doing meaningful exploration of space; by the time I'd unlocked the ability to make rockets I was so bored that I just didn't want to continue.
    Starting with a dinged up ship, even if it's the rustiest bucket known to man and god, would've been so much better (imo) because it gives you the concrete 'early' goal of "get my ship fixed" (and also has you actively interacting with the cool bits of the mod a lot earlier) Vs the very vague goal of "get to space".
    Anyway, just my 2 cents that was sparked by that comment, I loved the series!

  6. "In Space Exploration fun is optional and very inefficient" -Dosh. Absolutely true. "Fun" seems to be a 4 letter word in the greater factorio community, and I think a lot of people miss that when playing this particular mod.

    I fully agree with "radical opinion". I'd love for the mod to lean into its unique features, specifically finding abandoned tech, and an alternate start with your crashed ship (instead of it being hidden at the spoiler location) or similar would be a big help.

    Thanks for the retrospective! I agree with about half of it, personally finding SE to generally be not just peak factorio but peak factory builder. It drags in places, but adds so many features that I can excuse most of it. I hope to see the mod complete its daunting roadmap someday, though I expect Earendel would need a team of people to do that in any timeframe <10 years.

    I wonder, now that you've done SE, how other big mods will feel? The lack of multi-surface logistics, Beacon Overload mechanics, and spaceships, makes me feel like everything else is kind o… lacking. Yeah sure I could spend 1k+ in Py, but at this point I'd just be finishing to say that I did – I'm not sure its actually going to be fun.

  7. I love your idea for starting with a damaged spaceship. I’m considering cheating one in for myself when I eventually get around to playing the mod, so I can go for the No Nauvis challenge. I should probably play more vanilla first, though

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  9. do you think you'll be a playthrough of bobs/angels mods at some point? it's really hard to find good videos about them and i think you'd make them really interesting

  10. GTNH is perhaps the only "mod" I'm aware of that poses a larger technical challenge than this one (perhaps there is a Kerbal pack of a similar tier?).

    Would love to see you and your pack of goons tackle that.

  11. Thing is though your videos increased interest in this mod 10 fold if not 100 fold and now at least 4.3k people (based on likes currently) will also expect mod to move the way you've described as its hard not to agree with you, now if Mod makers ignore this video and your suggestions that will create a lot of dissatisfied people and if people are not happy, they wont play it and then what is even the point. So mod devs should totally at least acknowledge your efforts and thoughts laid in this video

  12. i love the idea of getting stuck in traffic being described as "not the kind of torture that would titilate anyone". you inject a lot of character into the dialogue of your videos that has real personality without beating you over the head with it. hour-long scripted videos aren't quick to make, but you don't cut corners on that, makes a good vibe.
    good series, lookin forward to whatever will come next

  13. I'm doing a K2Se 5x run now and with the science multiplier it is worthwhile to set up processing on source planets.

    The thing that annoys worst though is being forced to build temporary builds in space that you know from the start are throwaway.

    Space rails should be available right away… in 0 5 you only had to build 2 smallish builds to unlock space rails. In 0.6 you have to do 4 or 5 space techs to unlock space rails so you've got an substantial build to rip up and start over if you want to build around rails.

  14. You are crazy! But amazing. This is what real community is. General shared fun with room to grow. Being able to enjoy yourself while also noticing flaws and providing down to earth real feedback.

    I am now a proud supporter of your highest teir and honesty I would give you more money if I could just to help you make more content for thousands of people to enjoy.

    Thanks again!

  15. honestly space exploration is my favourite factorio mod ever. despite how I have never actually beaten it (I'm an idiot who's factory fails at the mere prospect of reaching the final tiers of science) I still greatly enjoy the grind of space exploration. There are a multitude of problems with space exploration, many of which you address within this video, however I still feel that it is close to vanilla with just enough deviation to make it unique but not a complete overhaul of what it is to play factorio. Chains of 10, 15, 20 different recipes to get a final result. (while it may falter at proper implementation of longer crafting trees) I feel it is an extension of what vanilla's core concepts are just ever so slightly better or worse in places. things like self sufficient outposts which in vanilla would be an oil patch or a new iron source connected by trains, and in space exploration its quite similar, with self sufficient colonies connected by a series of cargo rockets and delivery cannons. I just love space exploration and I beg you that you at least give it a go if you have not. just make sure you have a good understanding of the game first (and logic circuits)

  16. I just could not bring myself to finish the mod, real respect for you to play through it. hundreds of hours..
    Your opinion on Factorio mods is real nice, can you do the other big popular mods too? Krastorio2, Industrial Revolution and so on.. in the end I would know where to start instead of selecting Space Exploration because it sounds cool, just to never finish it.

  17. you should try a bob's mod run, me and a friend have been at it for over a year now, it odsen't add that much new conntent but more so just overhauls almost every aspect of the game. for example to make green circets you need to make green circet baords tinned copper wire and resitors. each of those ingredents have multiple steps to them too so there alot of stuff you need to do and there are basicaly no villina crafting recipies. also it adds new ores like zinc tine sillicon ect

  18. 7:42 they've … sorta done that with arcospheres (specific locations aren't important, but having multiple is). But that's extremely late game, and not quite far enough in the "multi-site processing" angle.

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