The PS5's UI has a major flaw

The PS5's UI has a major flaw

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The PS5 is finally here in a super real way but now that the console is in the hands of the public a lot of people are claiming that something with their PS5 is just not quite right. Sure the Xbox Series X and the PS5 were bound to have a few bugs out of the gate, every new console does, but some of these issues are a little astounding. For example, there isn’t a way to tell whether you are running the PS5 or PS4 version of a game and other reports have people stuck in an error loop just from simply trying to download a game. Hopefully, a patch will come soon to fix it all up but until then good luck to all the new PS5 owners out there. Tune into tomorrow hopefully for a less woeful story and another exciting edition of Inside Gaming Daily!

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47 thoughts on “The PS5's UI has a major flaw”

  1. Xbox series X has the same problem. CoD doesn't support smart delivery (cause Activision are a bunch of asshats) so if you buy the cross gen bundle and simple click download it will download the xbox one version. And the awesome thing about that is the xbox one version will reboot your console when you play CoD🤦‍♂️.

    Took me 3 days to figure this out because I assumed that even tho I had to buy the next gen version Activision would still enable smart delivery but no they are asshats. For anyone else with this issue you have to go find the series x version in the store under add-on for the cross gen bundle. And if it doesn't have the series x logo on the icon you have the wrong one.

  2. finally come to say, im tired of this channel and its way of telling some news. I miss the know and its no non-sense style. This im just tired of, say some news, go on a 30 second tangent, and then back to the news. Im tired of it, it sucks now.

  3. It's so weird seeing Sony fans trying to say these don't exist and to stop complaining… I want a PS5 and want to know what people are experiencing only to find hardcore brand leaches trying to stop any mention of a flaw or backlash against the almighty Sony

  4. My ps5 is fine…whenever it freezes I just turn off for 20 mins and let it cool..also they were very smart to make the white shields come off easy cause mine get warped from the heat so it’s easy to remove and use a hair dryer to straighten them ..and they were also smart to make the shields easy to paint ,,,!!! Mine got a bit brown at the edges from heat charred….so I painted them black .its fine !!!!!looks really cool !!!

  5. I believe that part of that issue is with COD Cold War. I game share with my friend on xbox and been having massive issues with the game. He has the og Xbox where I just got the series x. He can pay cold war just fine, but when I try and play the Xbox version of the game my series x crashes within 10 minutes

  6. Neither interested in Sony nor Microsoft they ruined it when you have to pay the bs subscriptions to play games you've bought on multiplayer. I dont support anti consumer practices rather chalk up the 1500 dollars on a PC.

  7. Unsubscribed a while back do to the horrendous content… Saw other creators joking on that last video, so I had to stop by and witness the corpse that is Inside Gaming… Still a sinking ship I see.

  8. Imagine losing subscribers during a time when everyone is stuck at home and YouTube is at an all time high….you guys inherited something great and are destroying it!

  9. Funny how y’all turned off comments and analytics on the last video. Almost like you refuse to have a conversation and would rather ram your political beliefs through

  10. WTF is up with that last video? I couldn't even sit through it for a cringe dose. I wonder why likes and comments are disabled!? A bit of a dumb, pointless, exaggerated piece of garbage used to scam new consoles, I bet you foresaw negativity. Cowards hiding behind your fictional assumed identities.

  11. Sooooo…..

    Is anyone going to talk about the comment section, as well as the like to dislike ratio being disabled on their last video to cover up any potential backlash from the guests in question?

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