"The Glorius Mustache Challenge"- FULL MOVIE

“The Glorius Mustache Challenge”- FULL MOVIE

The mustache used to be a symbol of a man’s entry into the dignified elite. In modern times, however, the mustache has fallen from grace. Still, mustache challenges happen all over the world for sport, charity, and amusement.

Out of the hairy abyss comes “The Glorius Mustache Challenge”-a social engineering experiment designed to rescue the sexy mustache from the pop culture graveyard. Director and host Jay Della Valle brings us on his quest to raise a revival on the upper lips of our youth.

In 2004, he hits the streets with a stack of flyers and a dream. He issues the challenge to men under 30: To grow a mustache for 1 month. No beards. No goatees. Just the lone stache. Brave young men answer the call. They come from all walks of life, from a radiologist, to a musician, to an airline pilot;to the one high school student willing to take the risk. Some are excited and ready to grow. Others are nervous about the negative reactions of girlfriends and friends. They all face social disgrace to join the budding mustache movement.

As the growing gets under way, we learn about great mustaches through time, in an animated history of the mustache. We discover how something as simple as a little hair on the upper lip can change a man in surprising ways. Meet Chad, a New Jersey entrepreneur, who grows a little fuzz and loses his business, his friends, and both of his girlfriends. On the opposite coast is Nick, a California surfer who catches more waves, and more ladies, once he starts rocking the ‘stache.

After the month is over, the men have mixed reactions. LA actor Peter falls in love with his new mustache persona and vows to make it a lifestyle. Business owner Jeff thinks he might need therapy. Former farmer Walker experiences PSSD, “Post ‘Stache Stress Disorder.” He feels dorky, less confident, and antsy to grow it back. The stubbly seeds of a revolution have been sewn; As the movement spreads, we see just how much one man can accomplish with no budget, no backing;just a glorious dream.

Jay and his band of mustachial merry-makers hit historic Union Square and stage a protest march for mustache rights. Jay heads out to the New York bar scene to find out just how much the ladies despise mustaches, and tries to change their minds. Later, Jay and his fuzzy-lipped followers bring the message to the masses when they appear on The Today Show and Good Morning America, Glorius Mustache is on the front page of the paper. Staches are sprouting on the lips of celebrities and trendsetters everywhere. The mustache is back!

In their quest to beat the odds, Della Valle and his ‘stache-wearing studs persevere to make the lip hip. They transform from insecure boys into proud mustachial pioneers. Peppered with an original rock and roll score and hilarious graphics, the Glorius Mustache will repulse you, fascinate you, and ultimately, seduce you!

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