Episode 5: The First… Compromise


Written/Created by Tim Zientek

Music in this EP:
– Pikoe — “In Between”


8 thoughts on “THE FIRST | EPISODE 5”

  1. I don't know how I found this series but it's 5:29 AM and I'm sitting here with so many emotions right now. The BEST ……. absolutely the BEST series I've ever watched on YouTube. Six episodes are not enough. I was prepping for work and now all my thoughts are about this series. I'm happy, sad, laughing, eyes welling up ………. simply the best and I desperately want to see more. Can I donate? Can I purchase the series? Can I sponsor? This was my life on screen somewhat. We dated, married and eventually the relationship crumbled; and topping played a factor in our demise. He couldn't …… he tried but in the end it wasn't his thing. So I can certainly relate. I still love him and I'm sending him the link to this series. I wish I could send the link to any and everybody because the writing, the characters, the actors, the cinematography and the entire production is beyond amazing. I cannot praise this series enough. And right now I'm sad again because I drank the episodes too fast and now I'm thirsty for more. Please I'm begging you …. please tell me there's more. You guys did a phenomenal job. Tim Zientek you are an amazing writer and creator. Please don't stop.

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