The Crime of Being Basic, The Illusion of Being Unique

The Crime of Being Basic, The Illusion of Being Unique

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Hi! I’m Shaniya but I use the moniker Shanspeare on Youtube. I’m 23, use they/them pronouns, and love all things pop culture! My channel has a lot going on: think Shakespeare meets Baz Luhrmann meets insufferable jester in a relevant but silly costume. I have a bachelor’s in English Professional Writing (and basically Literary Analysis–long story) which aids me in the creation of my content. Above all, I wish to emphasize teachability and critical engagement through a fun lens.

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0:00 skit
2:18 intro
6:40 explaining the basic b
13:55 why do we hate basic b’s?
17:51 is the “unique” persona any better?

thank you for watching! (and reading if you made it all the way down here!)


44 thoughts on “The Crime of Being Basic, The Illusion of Being Unique”

  1. I had the same idea of it, like I wanted as much time for some reason? I dont care for that anymore
    I listened to some childrens songs a lot and those were also in my playlist

  2. Its weird for me that
    “We don’t talk about bruno” was my most listened song?? Idk how that happened since I distinctly remember I listened to another song soo much
    However I do love that song

  3. Being a basic bitch is better than being a miserable bitch, which is what these snobs are. Imagine tearing down someone for having their own interests and finding joy in them. Sounds like the work of someone insecure in themselves, who desperately wants to feel that they're above others so that they can feel like they're worth something.

  4. “basic bitch” also varies from country to country, from city to city and even from one group of friends/people to another. What you describe as Southern USA basic bitch is wildely unconventional to me.
    I find my love for Hamilton basic bitch-y but basically no one among people I meet on the daily basis saw it. Or know of it. The musical theatre community in my country in general is very small so it makes no sense for me to think Hamilton is basic. However, I do think so because in American media (which I consume a lot) it is perceived as such.
    Also, as a person who was shunned for their interests and now, after painstaking socialisation, is considered strange just enough to be attractive or interesting; I find social persecution the main sign of uniqueness. Thus, if you are called a basic bitch, you are actually unique (among the group that persecutes you)

  5. My top 5 went like this:
    5: iDKHOW
    4: clipping.
    3: Tommy James and the Shondells
    2: Gorillaz

    I would say that Gorillaz is basic, and I don’t care because they’re great.

  6. Being a hardcore music snob is something that gets a pass when you're an insecure 14-year-old, but it should die down when you become an adult in your early 20s.

  7. My Spotify Wrapped isn't accurate because I mostly listen on YouTube or my iTunes music… 😅

    My YouTube 100 of 2022 was kinda accurate though, minus Another love I have on iTunes and loop every other day, so I DO NOT wanna know the statistics of that song 😅

  8. I've basically only listened to various forms of J-pop (mostly Vocaloid songs), future bass and the kinda stuff you hear in rhythm games for like three years so that's what all my Wrapped was this year… I didn't, like, obsessively curate it or anything I just so happened to listen to like 3000 minutes of Masa Works Design and also listen to Cute na Kanojo over 300 times (it's a short song okay). What I was confused about was Ai no Katamari (a song I didn't even fully REMEMBER) being in my top 5 instead of Soredemo Ii nda yo or Kanzen Houki Sengen or Kareshi no Jude or any of those even though I KNOW I listened to them more than that one???

  9. Goths can be particularly annoying about this stuff as you might guess. I’ve had friends get on me for listening to nine inch nails because they’re “toO MAinSTreAm”, but for every time I listened to NIN, there were three times I listened to local darkwave bands that just got started last week lol

  10. One of the best parts of Spotify wrapped from me is trying to guess what my top songs and artists are gonna be, so listening to things just to make my Spotify wrapped look a certain way would take all the fun out of it 😕

  11. I didn't post my top 5 because I was confused how TS made it, then I realized I played her 10min version of All Too Well on repeat and proceeded to like all her remade songs so I could take the others off….it was a month plus of time consumed curating all the TS songs I liked…by the time I realized it, there was no point of posting it anymore XD never ashamed, was just really confused LOL

  12. I have never heard someone honestly speaking about how silly this whole music taste thing is… i used to feel Bad for not listening to indiemetal2000sgaragerock or whatever but I eventuell realised that I'm not the emberassing one, the people who think tjat listening to 'interesting' music makes you cooler and lore unique are

  13. For society your music taste is either too basic or "too edgy" there's no middle ground.
    And yes on one hand there's plenty of people shaming you for listening to Pop or Kpop music and in many cases it's due to misogyny since these people mostly shame you for liking artists who are either women themeselves or liked by a female audience mainly, but also the opposite, as a woman you even get accused of having internalized misogyny or trying to be edgy for simply saying that you listen to other music genres outside of mainstream pop or kpop, like saying that you don't listen to female mainstream artists doesn't mean that you don't listen to female musicians at all, do these people realize there are plenty of good female musicians to listen to in non mainstream genres as well? I can make an entire list. Plus as a woman who listens to alot of metal, rock, punk, pop punk, (especially female fronted or all female bands) but doesn't limit herself to only like certain things I find the association of men with rock music and women with pop music pretty simplistic and based on gender stereotypes, like there's entire genres like Symphonic gothic metal who is mostly lead by bands with amazing female singers and the music from the bands who led the Riot Grrrl movement which entirely focus on female issues and oppression.

  14. Gee I'mma repeat it one last time: any preferences that do not help you become the better person you want to be or feeling comfortable in the sense of long duration and do not involves any harm to the others, is legit. No matter working out with 90 pounds of muscle or IQ over DaVinci, if it gives you anxiety, then leave it. So called being basic is the same. Though it is a lot harder not to consider social pressure, but I'm gonna tear the ones that insert the pressure on you, they are just poor people trying to get away from their own insecurities

  15. I’ve always had pretty strong tendencies to reject popular stuff, be it music, clothes, hobbies, etc. Something I’ve found removes some of those knee-jerk responses to dislike “mainstream” things is to actually learn about the technical/theoretical aspects of whatever the current topic is. For example, music production, video editing, color theory, plot structure and so on. Not in-depth or anything, but just enough to get some sort of understanding of the building blocks of the theory.

  16. 8:29 How can you tell the difference between people? I need at least a different hair color, hair length/ categorical style, fashion sense, eye color, skin tone, or vocal range to tell people apart. There’s like 6 people making up like 70% of the US government’s head positions. Tell me your secrets to person identification Shansphere, please

  17. I love goth music and metal but I am not the only person that does and I am not the only woman that does. Also am really excited about the resurgence of music from the 80’s. Kate Bush, Metallica, and The Cramps are topping some charts again and it’s amazing. I was already a fan of the Cramps and Metallica but hearing them again everywhere has brought me back to them again. Also I did not know of Kate Bush so that was exciting.

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