The Christmas Gift | Full Movie | Lifetime

The Christmas Gift | Full Movie | Lifetime

Megan (Michelle Trachtenberg), a focused journalist, decides to write about finding her “Secret Santa” from over a decade ago. To her surprise, Megan discovers much more on her journey in “The Christmas Gift.”


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Inspired by a true story. Ten-year-old Wesley puts together a “Secret Santa” gift for a needy child and when ten-year-old Megan opens the package, she discovers an item that will have a huge impact on her life to come. Cut to present day: Megan is no longer a little girl, but a driven and focused young woman and journalist. Yet, she’s never been able to shake the desire to thank the person who sent her that heartfelt gift over a decade ago. Now, determined to prove herself to her editor, she’s come up with the perfect piece to write for Christmas, and in doing so, finally find her “”Secret Santa.”” What she doesn’t know is that in the process, she might find a whole lot more. Michelle Trachtenberg, Sterling Sulieman, Rick Fox, Daniel Booko, and Marliss Amiea star. (2015)

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31 thoughts on “The Christmas Gift | Full Movie | Lifetime”

  1. "The Christmas Gift" (2015) – watched 11.18.22. TY for making this available free on YT via Lifetime.
    I saw this last year for the first time & enjoyed seeing it again now . Sweet story, though I'm always anxious when story lines introduce deception & apparent betrayal via misunderstanding… Lol, I just really look for lots of happy in these Christmas Romances!
    OMG, what a bunch of incredibly attractive men… nice bonus! I'd never seen Sterling Sulieman in anything else so was mostly unfamiliar with him, but found his looks hypnotic. Of course, Rick Fox is always a stunner, & it was fun to see "Boom Boom Washington" (Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs) again… haven't seen him since "Kotter"! If you are into binging Christmas Romance movies, this flick is deserving of a place in the lineup. Merry Christmas all! 😇🔥✝🎄🥳

  2. The dad looks like one of the sweathogs from Welcome Back, Kotter. Just looked it up, I was right. Lawrence Hilton Jacobs. Guess these old eyes can still see pretty good.

  3. Card for my name on it and I don't think it's the you working tomorrow love yourself and I will send it I think it would I have a meeting yesterday was the y of heaven and it will be sent since we have to wait until you see

  4. I thought I recognized Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs who played Wesley Hardin Johnson Sr! He also played Freddie 'Boom Boom' Washington on Welcome Back, Kotter. And I used to watch Michelle on Pete and Pete.

  5. This is why I have no respect for reporters. They don’t care who gets hurt so long as they get their story. The are nothing more than blood sucking leeches, vampires, vultures who pick away at open wounds. As a writer I will never go into journalism.

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