The Bonus

The Bonus

The Bonus
A Naughty Short Comedy
Written and Directed By David C. Jones
Produced by House of Leo and DCJ Productions – The Bonus was the result of a reality TV series called Hot Pink Shorts.

A naughty comedy about a man who has been passed over for not only a promotion but also an incentive trip so he seeks retribution. With his uninformed boyfriend as accomplice he forgets one rule of revenge. Don’t get caught with your pants down.

The Bonus was developed as part of a reality TV show called Hot Pink Shorts on Out TV in which industry professionals mentor four filmmakers from across Canada who they write and produce and direct a short film.

Filmed in one day (17 hours) with a budget of $2000 all aspects of filmmaking were covered in the pre-production workshops except for one. While the film was in postproduction the external hard-drive it was on crashed and all the footage was lost. Weeks were spent trying to recover the film with no luck. it was thought the film was lost forever.

Then almost two months after the disaster – I was working with a different external hard-drive and discovered one rough cut of the film. There was no sound and a few shots were missing – so the actors were brought back to re-dub their lines and a couple of inserts were shot.

The whole process took over a year and I produced and screened four other films at festivals in the meantime.

Matthew Presidente created the sound track – he brought the electric and romantic sexual energy that fit the steamier side of the comedy. Romantic piano, pounding drums and synthesized sax make an energetic score punctuated with witty riffs.

I had seen actor Byron Noble in a play two years previous when I was just considering the concept of the story and knew that if it was ever filmed it Byron should play the lead. Luckily he was available when that time came.

Actress Patricia Trinh was found through the auditions but finding an actor to play the boyfriend was proving difficult. We could not find the right combination of sex appeal and warmth in any of the actors he saw. Producer Stephen Sawchuk listened to the impassioned character description that I needed and then made a call and 30 minutes later Sean Carey walked in and landed the part.

The director of photography was David Tenniswood and I always like to credit him for the dive and roll shot.

Some wardrobe and props were supplied by Priape.

A lot of people worked really hard on this film and I am grateful to OUT tv for the opportunity.

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