The Baojun Valli Is a Sexy Wagon At A Cheap Price

The Baojun Valli Is a Sexy Wagon At A Cheap Price

The Baojun Valli is one of a diminishing number of wagons available here in the Chinese market, time to see if it’s any good!

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32 thoughts on “The Baojun Valli Is a Sexy Wagon At A Cheap Price”

  1. I remember in 2017 I saw an original Shanghai Volkswagen Santana wagon. Hell cool. I saw the FAW Volkswagen Bora C-Trek at Auto China that same year. I gather SUV are killing wagon's slowly in China.

  2. Hello Vagon-Wheelsboy. Do you have some Plans for reviewing the 2022 Roewe Ei5/ MG5 EV ? Its also a Vagon and i"m curious about the Improvements in comparsion to the last Generation, wich is a little bit outdated. Keep up the good Work and Greetings from Germany

  3. Thank you for covering these brands and new models. On first glance, the Valli looks more than decent for the price.
    Long-term driving will probably tells you why it is priced so affordably.

  4. If you read their ads in Chinese version, they actually say 8 speed SIMULATION, just like those with exhaust simulation that coming out from the speakers, so not that big of a surprise.

  5. Can you do a video on Dongfeng Glory 580 i-Auto/Pro. I've booked it in my country, and it looks pretty promising. And it's also available in many other countries, like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc.

  6. Hey guys, as you can see from my previous comments I am a big fan! But I felt like the overly scripted jokey format of this review isn't as good as the others. Would rather it be either how it usually is or more real rather than scripted. Anyway good to see you are trying new things. Thanks!

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