The Automatic Bartender in Action- Barbot Part 3!

The Automatic Bartender in Action- Barbot Part 3!

My friend King owns a bar and restaurant. On her birthday I brought her the BarBot to use and her little sister Susie helped me set it up👩🏻👧🏻😊 *Turn on Subtitles!*

Many thanks to Lukas Šidlauskas for the code that I based this on.

BOM, modified source code and CAD files can be found here:

Parts based on the OpenBuild standard, available at

Filmed at my friend King’s Bar:

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32 thoughts on “The Automatic Bartender in Action- Barbot Part 3!”

  1. now, if only you can talk like that in your making video, that'll be cool. Some chinese with subtitle is ok i guess.
    you looks very enthusiastic when explaining there.

  2. Fantastic build but needs tweaked to add a dwell time when dispensing the liquid as the optics aren't clearing. Also, when you're putting the bottles on hold the optic too. Something you learn when swapping bottles in a pub as they can easily come off!

  3. Naomi, I love this design! It is practical, ALMOST, for a commercial application. But it is slow. Please watch this video from the YouTuber "Great Scott":
    His uses an inexspensive load-cell to measure the amount of liquid from each bottle, so… You BarBot could go to each bottle, reset the load scale and keep pumping liquid to make a drink instead of going up and down a certain # of times.
    Does that make sense?

  4. I love your work so much.. Also.. Your mind.. That's answeare about what bartender gona be do now.. You are the one of milion's who understand what time bring on and you working on it.. Keep it up! You do GREAT JOB..

  5. Your projects show a lot of thought and planning. Inspiring to see a younger person testing and making current technology items for use today. Even though you copied someone else's plans, you made it your own by making a number of modifications and improvements so I salute your inventiveness! Fun to see your project getting so much attention and interest! Outstanding job!

  6. Naomi got the right idea with automation. Once all the tedious jobs are automated, the world becomes a Utopia because nobody has to work if they don't want to.
    Well, it's a Utopia unless people decide to just keep being mean to each for no good reason 😢.

  7. damn, i was doing weekly reggae nights at King's Bar at the same time in early 2018 – and i remember seeing this contraption! can't remember if it was in service though. is it still running?

  8. hello and well done for your videos, I have made your project and I have a little problem, the cart does not go further than the support of the 4 bottle. I have yet set the max position X, but it does not change anything. I would need your advice to be able to resolve this problem. Thank you in advance and have a good day

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