The 17 top iPad apps for music production of 2017

The 17 top iPad apps for music production of 2017

The end of the year is the best time to look back on the apps I used this year on my iPad to make music. Some of then are classics other are newcomers.
I grouped them in categories:
00:00 start
02:00 DAW – Gadget
04:05 DAW – Auria Pro
05:26 UTILITES – Dropbox
05:38 DAW – Cubasis2
12:45 BEATMAKER – iMS-20
13:55 BEATMAKER – iPolySix
17:10 SYNTH – Mono/Poly
17:40 SYNTH – Animoog
20:54 SYNTH – Cassini
23:00 DRUMMACHINE – SeekBeats
26:17 DRUMMACHINE – Elastic Drums
28:10 UTILITIES – AudioShare
28:50 UTILITIES – TouchOSC

2: Self contained Beat Maker
3: Synths
4: Drum Machine
5: Utilies

MODEL 15 :
DM2 :
iMS-20 :
AudioShare :


50 thoughts on “The 17 top iPad apps for music production of 2017”

  1. Why do all digital synths sound the same? I think the best sounding synth on iPad is the MS 20, it has that nice bottom end. I have digital and analogue synths so I know the difference. I am not an analogue geek but I prefer hardware synths. I think the iPad is a great way to lay down some ideas, great for noodling. I think audiobus is a great app.

  2. I think Gadget is more of a beatmaker than a DAW. The finishing tools aren't that great and you usually have to mix/master in a proper DAW for it to sound professional. That being said, it's fantastic for songwriting and sketching. I export my projects into Ableton when I'm done and then play my songs on hardware via the imported MIDI.

  3. Drum machines which mostly cannot record ? What, I’m lost already… to name a few off the cuff – iMPC, iMPC 2.0, iMachine, Patterning, Groove-rider, – okay more a GB but still, it’s a drum sequencer at heart, Diode-888, Ruismaker and RuisMaker FM by Brambos, Future Drummer, iSPARK… the list goes on and on – surely drum machines with a sequencer is what you meant, again, that’s almost all of them…
    Just an observation mate. Otherwise, nice video…

  4. I would like to ask which iPad DAW app will allow you to record using a MIDI keyboard or workstation? Do any of these allow for that? In other words if I want to play off of my Yamaha workstation and have what I play be captured in recording on one of these apps for iPad, which one allows for that ?Thank you so much~

  5. Your videos are really helpful! Do you know of any way to use an iPhone/iPad as a MIDI controller for another iPad or use an iPhone synth in an iPad DAW (specifically Auria)?

  6. Love this video very moving and mentaly motivating. I also enjoy your production it is the sound I'm looking for. can you please send me some information on how to purchase your production and services. I have watched a lot of your videos and your producing make me wanna write when nothing else does.

  7. 3 weeks and we are waiting for your top music apps of 2018. This year was a little more a hardware year for me than software.
    Volcas and uno synth.
    My favorite fun app is again Mididesigner. To controll limited hardware and extend the features of it,
    Groove raider gr-16 as a beatbox.
    And some new and old synths like poison,
    Ibassist and apematrix,
    And AUM with audioshare,
    I learned from/with electribe wave ( and returned it back) 🙃
    and NO gadget, and auria . 😳😉

  8. I agree with you in every way except how you categorize, which is not really important. I do not consider gadget as a DAW at all.
    I think of a DAW as something that does absolutely everything for recording, mixing, mastering etc. Using Auria as an example, we can do all that. In Auria you can do absolutely everything that you can do wirh gadget, plus a million more things. With auria you can even run any synth in gadget or any other midi capable app. Gadget is much more limited. I really dont care how an app is categorized, only what it does. But if you want an app that does it all, auria is one if them, but gadget is not. A new guy wanting a do it all app will be disappointed with gadget but will not find amything missing in auria. Hecwill not be able to make a completed song in gadget, but easily in auria. A daw should be able to record a band, no way with gadget, but easily in auria. Bottom line is that gadget is incredible but i do not consider it a DAW. Auria is a traditional DAW, typical of the kind of app that the word DAW was created for. Gadget is not. You create and build and finush any song using auria only but with gadget you need other apps to help. Gadget can create tracks, but it does not even use audio units so you are stuck only with the built-in effects which are not enough in most cases.

  9. Looking for a daw that supports tempo map, or tempo automation,so can change tempo during song.
    Also if I could globally change reference pitch to A=444 or something besides 440. Most keyboards can do this with no problem. Is it doable in an app?

  10. I hope you're still responding to this video, I really like the time and detail you put in this.
    Question, I notice many of the apps allow users to purchase more sounds or 'packs', which apps allow you to create your own sound libraries to share/monetize? Such as the case with Splice.
    Thank you.

  11. Do you actually know what's going on musically, or do you just push buttons and play by ear. I don't see how these gadgets actually relate to music in its written form.

  12. Skram just disappeared huh? And Casini Synth? That surprised me, it looked like a very solid app. Bummed I didn’t get a chance to play with it!

  13. Hi man. This is kinda urgent. I have this issue recording vocals into Cubasis 3. I tried 
    different interface and mics. It’s Cubasis. I can hear my voice and a track appears 
    for me to record into but nothing is recorded. I also can’t hear any effects I try to 
    place on my vocal before I record. I pushed the blue button for monitoring on the chan
    and the mixer chan at the lower page. Still nothing. The backing tracking plays but nothing recorded vocal wise. I managed to do it in FL studio mobile but that’s not ideal for HQ vocals. Any ideas?

  14. Hi there!
    I am watching you 4 a while… and learned a LOT!
    Thx 4 THAT!
    Now… i saw yor iPADs Dock automatical disapear!!!
    How is THAT possible???
    Do i have to jailbreak?
    I searched a Lot… but could not find any hint on how to do THAT.
    Would be very friendly if YOU give me a Tip on this.
    Sorry if my Grammar isn't good… i'm a 65 years old Musician from Germany.
    Love, Peace and Grooves,

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